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Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by 34, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. WPS OTM


    Need to make the class harder.
  2. Iron Mickey

    Iron Mickey Ya like dags, Glorious Comrade?



    wait for it


    this destroyed me for no apparent reason, kinda reminded me of the nice guy spider
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  3. SeattlesFanciest

    SeattlesFanciest "Hatin' Ass Jerry"

    Lobster goes immediately into the HOF
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  4. would only be better if the chefs bare wrist was sporting a matching livestrong bracelet
  5. DaveGrohl

    DaveGrohl I'm an Alabama fan.

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  6. 34

    34 vitamins? water? repeat? NO THANKS

    lobster had me near tears for no apparent reason
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  7. OopsPowSurprise

    OopsPowSurprise science

    lobster killed me

    a good captioned pic > most rage comics
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  8. cas

    cas Jabooty Football

    suck dick for nugs and lobster

    too many good memes
    c: fuck
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  9. Lyrtch

    Lyrtch The Job Is Never Finished

    Birthday rage comic. Long.
    Show Spoiler
  10. Tiger Z

    Tiger Z Nellyville

    awesome birthday comic
  11. cas

    cas Jabooty Football

    p cool if real
  12. Iron Mickey

    Iron Mickey Ya like dags, Glorious Comrade?

    That's awesome. Pretty much the most one can hope for-- a nice, long life, invariably filled with ups and downs.
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  13. BMR

    BMR I'm like Jessie in this bitch, I'm so excited.

    fucking awesome
  14. Sportfan

    Sportfan From Six to Dumptime

    Guessing this is pretty old or a rehash of an old meme

  15. cas

    cas Jabooty Football

    "ive seen it all happen over and over again" is crazy to think about
  16. Arrec Bardwin

    Arrec Bardwin Sammie black as fuck

    Would love to team up with a WW2 vet and talk shit to mexicans on MW3
  17. cas

    cas Jabooty Football

    or his nip wife
  18. Arrec Bardwin

    Arrec Bardwin Sammie black as fuck

    eh, not really
  19. Snakes

    Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    Well that long comic made me smile.
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  20. The Banks

    The Banks TMB's Alaskan

  21. SeattlesFanciest

    SeattlesFanciest "Hatin' Ass Jerry"

    true dat
  22. SeattlesFanciest

    SeattlesFanciest "Hatin' Ass Jerry"

    that comic made me smile irl
  23. TC22

    TC22 Wolverines

    Good quote from that bday meme

    "Fight for what you think is right and care about the people around you. In the end, they are all you have!"
  24. Heavy Mental

    Heavy Mental fan of: USMNT

  25. I'll Give You Asthma

    I'll Give You Asthma We've Got.To See.That Dick

    I wish my grandparents were on reddit or anything like that.

    Hell, I wish my parents were on reddit or anything like that.

    Fuck, I wish my friends were on reddit or anything like that.
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  26. AUB

    AUB CFB CHAMPS '10 '13 '14 '57 '58 '83 '93 '04 '10

    lobster was awesome
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  27. 34

    34 vitamins? water? repeat? NO THANKS


    fuck its a good day
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  28. SeattlesFanciest

    SeattlesFanciest "Hatin' Ass Jerry"

    the meme gods are looking down on you, 34
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  29. Swim Cantore

    Swim Cantore Global Warming is a MYTH, Pawwwlll

  30. C A N E

    C A N E not #toptier

  31. TableKnight

    TableKnight Go Knights

  32. i am a bammer

    i am a bammer Ben Eblen>Jamychal Green

  33. Bo Ryan

    Bo Ryan Wisco

  34. Bo Ryan

    Bo Ryan Wisco

  35. three stacks

    three stacks call me a square, friend i don't care

    firefox + private browsing + adblock pro = ad free fapping
  36. Bo Ryan

    Bo Ryan Wisco

    Chrome son
  37. OopsPowSurprise

    OopsPowSurprise science

  38. Sub-Zero


  39. NP13

    NP13 MC OG

  40. SeattlesFanciest

    SeattlesFanciest "Hatin' Ass Jerry"

    well you're not good at this
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  41. i am a bammer

    i am a bammer Ben Eblen>Jamychal Green

    that nigress is black
  42. 34

    34 vitamins? water? repeat? NO THANKS

    nog needs a scrubbin, she not clean
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  43. Cornelius Suttree

    Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

    so did the girl who left to join the anti-Vietnam war movement come back home and end up going through college?
  44. Deckard

    Deckard I made it with a woman! Inform the men.

    the person he first connected through with the internet was her
  45. Tyler's Kids

    Tyler's Kids Guest

    rule 34
  46. Craig Pettis

    Craig Pettis Be careful, be kind, be good, and rep your hood

    that birthday comic was amazing. made me feel like a piece of shit for putting off outlining, which I am about to do, but also made me optimistic about life

    Show Spoiler
    also made me feel like a bad person bc when I finished, one of my first thoughts was "surprised that old fuck did not die while writing that" :facepalm::embarrassed:
  47. John Wilkes Truth

    John Wilkes Truth You think a pirate lives in there?

  48. UA412

    UA412 New Member

  49. NinjaRXA

    NinjaRXA Gunter, who told you you could fly?

    there is a dog named nig on that memorial
  50. UA412

    UA412 New Member

    It is known.

    rip little nig.
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