What is the best way to sneak alcohol onto a cruise?

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Snakes, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. OopsPowSurprise

    OopsPowSurprise just a messy bitch who loves drama

    plastic flasks

    but carnival doesn't check at all, i had a handle in it no problem
  2. Snakes

    Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    i think i'm just gonna wrap a handle of vodka up with a towel and cross my fingers
  3. Bar None

    Bar None Maintaining Integrity

    If you have a jacket with deep pockets, consider hiding it in there. That way if they do search your bag it's one more obstacle for them to search in a sea of luggages to search.
  4. Fancy

    Fancy Which apartment is Staff Member

    Listerine bottles. Silver tequila, light rum, vodka, etc and dye with appropriate food coloring. Using rumpleminz will ensure you don't get it jacked.
  5. -Prime-

    -Prime- New Member

    Place the Alcohol bottle inside of a condom then shove up your rectum
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  6. Snakes

    Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    Or I may do listerine
  7. OopsPowSurprise

    OopsPowSurprise just a messy bitch who loves drama

    it'll taste like listerine the whole trip if you do it wrong, and that's more than likely. if its Carnival, just throw that bad boy in your bag
  8. Joe_Pesci

    Joe_Pesci Taiwan #1

  9. Snakes

    Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    good thinkin oops
  10. For you people who have gotten caught, What's the punishment for getting caught?
  11. IrishLAX2

    IrishLAX2 Dude's car got a little dinged up

    You'll get a letter sent to your cabin saying you can pick up the alcohol on the last night of the cruise. That's it.

    Except on the brand new Royal Caribbean ships. On those, they won't deliver the bags to your room and instead will make you come to the front desk to pick them up. Then they'll give you some spiel about picking up the alcohol on the last night. Again though, that's only on their brand new ships.
  12. Bar None

    Bar None Maintaining Integrity

    You have to buy $4 bottles of bud light and $6 shots of Jose Cuervo.
  13. So basically if you are going in Carnival, you might as well atleast try. Im going on one of the newer ships in 2013 (Carnival Magic).
  14. southlick

    southlick Centaur

  15. BearlyHere

    BearlyHere Is this thing on?

    Went on a carnival cruise. I put rum into sprite bottles and put it in my checked bag. No issues. Their drinks are overpriced
  16. Fancy

    Fancy Which apartment is Staff Member

    just wash the Listerine bottles hella well
  17. FSUsem

    FSUsem The Original User #2

    Not sure if its been said yet, but buy a bunch of IV bags. Fill with vodka, clear rum, and tequilla. Because of HIPAA and privacy shit, they aren't going to test your IV bags,
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  18. Aaron Hernandez

    Aaron Hernandez Addministr8er

    sneaking alcohol on a cruise ship is incredibly easy. its nothing like airplane security, nobody gives a shit.
  19. Granadafan

    Granadafan New Member

    This is probably the best solution as the wine bottles are usually dark anyways. Just make sure to get a bottle with easy to remove foil over the cork. The mouthwash bottle idea is too obvious now.
  20. RMIrish

    RMIrish New Member

    Going on a carnival cruise out of charleston Monday. We got rum runners for our trip. Hope they make it.
  21. Arkadin

    Arkadin Doctors orders, go fuck yourself

    taking liquor on airplanes is the best imo
  22. Blane

    Blane 3x Nat'l Champions 1948 - 1950 - 1981

    I bought 2 packs of water bottles. Use knife to puncture one bottle so you can drain the water and squeeze it to get it out of the package without opening the outer packaging. Once that bottle is out, it's easy to get the other 11 out. Refill bottles with alcohol and put them back into packaging. It will look brand new. The 12th bottle is the only one that you'll need to fiddle with a bit to make it go inside without tearing the outer packaging, but it is pretty easy (much easier than it would be to remove it while full).
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  23. O-face

    O-face Always Rockin BUFU

  24. Boom TittyMilk

    Boom TittyMilk User Formerly known as Big R

    Well I am going to need to remember this come may.
  25. Arrec Bardwin

    Arrec Bardwin The purest of hebrews

    lolwut. Airports don't give a flying fuck about alcohol as long as it is under their 3oz limit. I had the whole front half of my backpack full of minis on my flight to phoenix last year.
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  26. Aaron Hernandez

    Aaron Hernandez Addministr8er

    i dont know anything about airplane liquor policies. i was saying you can smuggle anything you want into cruise ships. unlike airports, they dont give a fuck.
  27. Boom TittyMilk

    Boom TittyMilk User Formerly known as Big R

    You're paid $2.378 million dollars a year to catch passes not to evaluate cruise line baggage screening processes.

  28. solarpowers

    solarpowers New Member

    Forget about washing out a shampoo or Listerine bottle you can never get the taste out. Google Shampbooze or Smuggle Mug. Used mine last week and worked perfectly.:beerchug:
  29. OopsPowSurprise

    OopsPowSurprise just a messy bitch who loves drama

    i am so doing this when i fly to australia
  30. eHo

    eHo Fan of teams that never win shit and the Seahawks.

    Stop being liquor snobs and just drink the Listerine. I've never seen any bums bothered by it.
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  31. Snakes

    Snakes I slept with Elaine last night


    Thank you. Worked fine.
  32. 941Gator

    941Gator TMB's resident beach bum Staff Member

    very false.
  33. Arkadin

    Arkadin Doctors orders, go fuck yourself

  34. 941Gator

    941Gator TMB's resident beach bum Staff Member

  35. Snakes

    Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    To @941Gator's credit, they checked some bags. But most of us got through unscathed. I buried a handle in between my clothes and I doubt they ever even opened my bag. Others had shampoo bottles checked. I guess its just a matter of luck.
  36. hipsterjoe

    hipsterjoe “I’m jacking off, but I don’t need to ejaculate.”

    i would always follow the lead of drug smugglers and fill up a series of condoms with alcohol, and then swallow them
  37. lakerssss

    lakerssss New Member

  38. lakerssss

    lakerssss New Member

  39. pearl

    pearl Fan of: White wimmens feet

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  40. 941Gator

    941Gator TMB's resident beach bum Staff Member

    i had a cop in the parking lot apparently stake us out and watched me ball-sack a bottle of moonshine. he waited until i got near the check-in and pulled up to me. smelled the bottle, gave me a strange look, and asked me to dump it.
  41. _fuzzy_

    _fuzzy_ New Member

    You're doing it wrong. Soak tampons with vodka them shove them up your ass.
  42. Granadafan

    Granadafan New Member

    How does it work on cruises? Do they x-ray checked and carry-on bags and then look for liquids? Do you have to go through a metal detector also? I'm just asking because that website just sells plastic pouches with a screw top. How do you sneak them on them if they're physically searching bags. Shoving them in your pockets seems rather obvious without insisting you're hung like a horse.
  43. Wicket

    Wicket Fan: ND, PSV, Pool FC, Cricket, Urquel, Dog Crew

    where to leave your coke?
  44. ClemsonRouge

    ClemsonRouge It's Rouge, not Rogue, you dyslexic hatsass.

    I have always heard shampoo bottles.
  45. OopsPowSurprise

    OopsPowSurprise just a messy bitch who loves drama

    i've said it already on here

    plastic flexible flasks are the way to go. shampoo bottles can get your vodka tasting like head and shoulders even if you wash it well
  46. Nole96SC

    Nole96SC Old Member

    Just got back from one a couple of weeks ago and they were as strict on it this time as I have ever seen in 5 cruises. It was mostly luck from what I saw this last time. Saw almost every usual trick get busted at check-in. Even the '4 middle bottles filled in an unopened 12 pack of bottled water' trick failed. Saw them open one guys 12 pack of water (still in the plastic shrink wrap) and open every bottle and smell. So basically dont try anything in your carry on at all. Checked bags were also a crap shoot this time as well. Talked to 3 guys in the same group who did the listerine bottles and one guys got took while the other 2 didnt. And they all packed the same way. There were a few others as well that I talked to who had their shit taken from checked bags too. Im sure its happened before but this was the first time I had heard of shit taken from checked bags. Safest thing I know of now is you're allowed 2 bottles of wine (or it may be 1 per person, cant remember) but all I know of would be to fill those and somehow recork without making it look like it was tampered with.
  47. BC Inabinet

    BC Inabinet New Member

  48. Brewtus

    Brewtus Got dat juice

    When I was in pharmacy school, a group of my friends went on a cruise and smuggled a shit load of booze on to their ship. Their method... print a bunch of prescription labels and slap them on amber vials. Then fill the large amber prescription vials with booze. They didn't even get questioned.
  49. Granadafan

    Granadafan New Member

    Buy a couple bottles of Martinelli's Apple Cider, pop the top, and drink/empty out the juice. Buy a bottle top fastener from a brewery shop and re-install the bottle caps after filling with your favorite alcohol. The bottle is dark anyways. This works well with a wine with a bottle cap though I can't remember any brands.
  50. gamecockdoc

    gamecockdoc Physician on Duty

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