The Official Weight Lifting Thread (No Crossfit)

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by 3NolesFan3, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. Fudd The artist formerly known as 'CrossFit'

    I am in favor of this thread becoming like the meme thread in terms of likes.
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  2. RJF-GUMP New Member

  3. Beanh8er Get the cock out of your ear, Dumbfuck.

    :(. Worth a shot.
  4. Don't Hate Me Bro! Your TMB muscle friend

    6'1 210-215 @ ~14% bf atm, usually around 200-205 @ 8-10% bf during the summer.

    9/24/11 @ 206 8-9% bf

    2/11/12 @ 218 14-15% bf

    IN MY OPINION If your goal is to gain mass/size, heavy compound movements will build bigger, thicker muscles, faster, than isolation movements. I'm of the opinion that if you're pressing/pulling heavy weights your "auxiliary" muscles are getting a good enough work out for the majority of people itt.

    Isolation movements are non functional for the majority of people who aren't already "strong", for those who aren't using it as assistance work in moving already heavy weights (like say a Fudd or Tom Servo), too much isolation work will generally inhibit progress in the compound lifts and will make you more prone to injury.

    I preach the 1.5/2/3 rule of thumb. When you can bench 1.5x your lean bw, squat 2x your lean bw, deadlift 3x your lean bw... accomplish those metrics and you'll probably benefit from isolation movements, but you'll also probably have pretty damn big arms, calves, traps, etc. by then anyway by default.

    I barely do any isolation work (aside from abs) and I have what I think most would consider decent sized arms. If you're hell bent on doing them, do them last after compound movements and rarely would I suggest a day/workout dedicated solely to them (arms generally speaking).


    I'll leave it at this, all of my opinions/advice are geared towards those that want to be 1) strong, 2) muscular. When you accomplish those two things the "right" way, being "lean" isn't a constant concern bc it's easily attainable through moderate calorie maniuplation.

    If your goals are to go from "skinny fat" to lean/fit, disregard all of my posts, attitude, et al.

    On with the photoshopping, but only fair if I'm gonna call out Sam who shared his pics.
  5. Hoss Bonaventure Not too hard; not too soft.

    I always start out with a compound for my first two heavy sets of what muscle group I'm lifting that day and then switch to isolated exercises for the remainder of my workout. Slow, light and concentrated lifts for blood volume work really well for me.
  6. bro Hey BROther....

    last time I had it checked, my body fat was 8 percent...

    bro, good for you for being ripped... I just don't want that kind of mass...

    but hey, if that is your goal, congrats on reaching it :respek:
  7. Fudd The artist formerly known as 'CrossFit'

    Pretty sure that the main source of conflict ITT is people having drastically different goals from each other.
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  8. bro Hey BROther....

    I think so too. I applaud him for his work ethic.... and therefore he is going to have different ideology and practices as me... but I don't want to get to that size.... just me...
  9. Noleintensity I go hard

  10. RJF-GUMP New Member

    picked up some blue diamond smokehouse almonds today. motherofgod.jpg they are delicious.
  11. Don't Hate Me Bro! Your TMB muscle friend

    Cause they salty as fuck. Raw almonds are better fwiw, but I'm splitting hairs, so long as you're eating a palmful here and there and not an entire can in 1-2 sittings.
  12. TLAU ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ

    agreed with cache on something. thread might be making headway
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  13. Dr. Jan Itor Wankin for Franklin

    i'm here for the free likes
  14. TLAU ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ

    post some new broscience or a healthy recipe and you will be showered with gifts
  15. bro Hey BROther....

    these almonds are making me thirsty
  16. RJF-GUMP New Member

    yah I usually eat raw almonds. Although a serving of these are only 6% of the recommended daily sodium.
  17. HogGotti Arkansas Razorbacks

    Damn, man...are you that ugly?
  18. Don't Hate Me Bro! Your TMB muscle friend

    I have a job, coach freshman football, and I just got done posting how I'd eat a box of Nerds outta that girl's butthole in the Aaron Murray spring break thread. Plus I say "nigga" a lot on the internet.

    Do the math nigga.
  19. Fudd The artist formerly known as 'CrossFit'

    Mirin' delt striations in first pic.
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  20. wes tegg SHUT IT DOWN.

    @allaboutthecache Yeah, I definitely want to be smaller than you.
  21. samarrand loyal heat fan since The Decision.

    allaboutthecache came close to ruining this thread with his rhetoric. This thread is too strong, though.
  22. samarrand loyal heat fan since The Decision.

    the more you keep lifting you'll notice your opinion will change drastically about what is big. This lifting thing, very addictive lol.
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  23. BP Bout to Regulate. DogCrue

    Been using these last few weeks

    Some people claim appetite suppression and weight loss. Can't attest to those but do seem to have more energy. Either way great source of Fiber, Antioxidants, Omega 3s and good for hydration. Also supposed to lower BP.

    Do you have a link to the label?
  25. BP Bout to Regulate. DogCrue

  26. Don't Hate Me Bro! Your TMB muscle friend

    Lower Body HT W/O
    Squat - 6x3 @ 340 (speed work, hip explosion out of the hole)
    Hack Squat 3x12,12,10 @ 410 (ass to grass)
    Leg Press 2x15,15 @ 690
    Leg Extension 3x15,12,11 @ 140
    Deadlift 3x12,12,9 @ 495 (trap bar, flat grip, not the shrug handles)
    Lying Leg Curl 2x15,12 @ 200
    Seated Leg Curl 2x14,10 @150
    Donkey Calf Raise 4X15,15,12,8 @ 300 (machine, stacked rack)
    Seated Calf Raise 3x15,12,12 @ 140

    8oz top round steak (bloody)
    3 whole eggs (cage free/veg fed)
    1/2 cup steel cut oats with...
    1 whole sliced peach, palmful blueberries, 1/4 cup Silk Almond Milk (sugar free)
    2 pcs Ezekiel bread with...
    2 Tbsp Natty PB

    washed it down with Joe Rogan's VitaMix/Incredible Hulk Cum Shake...
    4 stalks Kale
    3 celery hearts
    3 broccoli flourettes
    1 salad "pickle sized" cucumber
    1 Granny Smith apple (de-core/seed)
    2 inches raw ginger root (peeled)
    little bit of water for smoother consistency

    ...makes about 32oz, tastes "meh", the ginger is most prominent, burns the throat like accidentally swallowing Listerine.
  27. Don't Hate Me Bro! Your TMB muscle friend

    You stick to 'Team Med shirts to look XL' and I'll stick to 'Team making XL shirts look like Med'


    Do some cardio with Sam.
  28. Mambo Gook Hail Southern!

    i'll be stuck with the hotel "gym" for the next 4 days, wish me luck. :embarrassed:
  29. Menelaus The Red-Haired King

    Legs and core yesterday, running 7 or 8 miles tonight. Back tomorrow.
  30. TLAU ᕙ(`▽´)ᕗ

    really don't feel like working out legs today but that's what's on the menu
  31. jkun UGA, Falcons, Braves, Tennis

    those urinals are incredibly low to the ground and close to each other
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  32. wes tegg SHUT IT DOWN.

    Meh. I lifted so much in high school that I really got burned out on it. I'm not knocking those of you who are into it, I just hate it.

    :respek: Running and swimming for this ninja.
  33. Hoss Bonaventure Not too hard; not too soft.

    Yeah I've been 220 before, I'd rather stay in the 180-190 range.
  34. samarrand loyal heat fan since The Decision.

    Really? I love lifting. Very peaceful
  35. samarrand loyal heat fan since The Decision.

    Ha, good luck with your cycle goals in 2012. Remember, pct bro.
  36. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

    One can lift & not want to get massive. Shocker to bros worldwide, I know.
  37. wes tegg SHUT IT DOWN.

    To each his own. I'd much rather run or swim.
  38. samarrand loyal heat fan since The Decision.

    Well, let me rephrase my last comment; Exercising is very addicting.
  39. wes tegg SHUT IT DOWN.

    I can agree with that completely.
  40. jkun UGA, Falcons, Braves, Tennis

    lifting is a form of meditation for me i feel like
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  41. Dr. Jan Itor Wankin for Franklin

    prefer lifting over any other type of exercise, running sucks (and i ran track in HS school) and swimming is basically just trying really hard not to drown
  42. Hoss Bonaventure Not too hard; not too soft.

    Yeah, lifting and running are my hobbies. Put in my headphones and just tune out the world for awhile.
  43. wes tegg SHUT IT DOWN.

    You're doing it wrong. If you have any desire to swim (understandable if you don't), you should read Total Immersion. Swimming is more about doing as little as possible: minimal drag, fewest strokes, fewest breaths, etc. It's fucking serene when you develop your stroke instead of fighting the water.
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  44. Dr. Jan Itor Wankin for Franklin

    i dont have anywhere to swim here, if im in the water its always to mess around and never to workout
  45. Menelaus The Red-Haired King

    Love swimming after lifting some weights. Wish my gym had a pool.
  46. jkun UGA, Falcons, Braves, Tennis

    I'm not paying $50 dollars for a book on fucking swimming

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  47. wes tegg SHUT IT DOWN.

  48. RJF-GUMP New Member

    Isn't swimming considered better cardio than running/elliptical?
  49. jkun UGA, Falcons, Braves, Tennis

  50. Mambo Gook Hail Southern!

    Not before you spend $50 buying this book from me...


    Once you learn how to read a book then you will know how to read a book on swimming. Only a $100 investment.

    But wait, if you call now i'll throw this in too..

    Once you learn to read, so you can learn to swim, then you can learn to FLY!!!!!
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