The Movie Drive With Ryan Gosling

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Stanley Ipkiss, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Smee

    Smee New Member

    In on my phone and the search function doesn't work for me when I'm on here(I swear :smug:) but what is TMB's review on this movie?

    Am going to watch it when I get home
  2. afb

    afb Et tu, Brute? Am I using that right?

    check the torrance thread
  3. ncrebel

    ncrebel Administrator Staff Member

    it's solid, different but i enjoyed it
  4. FriendsofJtyler

    FriendsofJtyler Clemson, CAPS

    Pretty weird, not what I expected, but I liked it overall.
  5. Smee

    Smee New Member

    Reading the summary...trying to picture Albert Brooks as a bad guy mobster
  6. laxjoe

    laxjoe My teams are bad and I do feel bad

    Watching it right now. Really enjoy it
  7. afb

    afb Et tu, Brute? Am I using that right?

    Just incase you don't go into the torrance thread, here's what i posted:

    And I've kind of likened it to Unbreakable now that I've been thinking about it for a day or so.
  8. mpl92

    mpl92 netflix on your couch

    I vow to post this video in every thread that mentions Ryan Gosling. Too much swag.

  9. DaveGrohl

    DaveGrohl I'm an Alabama fan.

    My dad said it was awesome, if that helps.
  10. laxjoe

    laxjoe My teams are bad and I do feel bad

    just finished it. way different than i expected but i really enjoyed it. that post by afb definitely gets you thinking
  11. Guns

    Guns fffff

    I bet Gosling has been slaying pussy since he was like 11.
  12. Smee

    Smee New Member

    Gosling is easily becoming one of my favorite actors
  13. stexraider

    stexraider Fire Everybody

    it's one of the best movies I've seen in years - there's so much to it - it's weird as shit at the beginning - and for the first 20 mins or so I was like "what the fuck movie did I just waste money on" - but about 10 minutes later it was awesomeness all the time - and the first part of the movie started to make sense

    seriously great movie

    HOOSINSC ><)))*> Sorry Cocks. This is all my fault

    Been a fan since Fracture. Still need to see half nelson
  15. mc415

    mc415 El más chingon

    agreed pretty good flick.......and i actually thought the beginning was pretty sick.....had me hooked from the beginning
  16. TheChatch

    TheChatch Big Paws On A Puppy.

    Fracture was pretty good. Lots of smuggy.
  17. fish

    fish Impossible, Germany

    Enjoyed the film with the exception of one huge flaw... for a supposed expert driver, he's a pig parker. Check the scene when he comes home to find the neighbor in trouble. Larry David would not have been happy with that park.
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  18. CaneKnight

    CaneKnight Bomani Jones is the Truth Teller

    Just watched it. My favorite movie by far this year.
  19. CaneKnight

    CaneKnight Bomani Jones is the Truth Teller

    I felt the same way. To start it off the way they did was great.
  20. RogerSterling

    RogerSterling GBR Pelini nfm

    Thought it was a great movie but how the fuck does Nino not have a gun on him at all times?
  21. coreymatthews

    coreymatthews Chubbie's

    Great movie. Christina hendricks went out like a champ though.
  22. bobdozer

    bobdozer El Nino

    A lot of hipster kitties in this thread. Drive was fucking awful.
  23. RogerSterling

    RogerSterling GBR Pelini nfm

  24. EdNigma

    EdNigma where my green boards bros at?

    fell asleep 20 minutes into it. will try to watch it again tonight
  25. CaneKnight

    CaneKnight Bomani Jones is the Truth Teller

    Kill yourself
  26. Houndster

    Houndster Ball don't lie Staff Member

    Great movie, loved the way it was directed
  27. BobbyCoxxx

    BobbyCoxxx New Member

    The elevator scene was fucking great
  28. CaneKnight

    CaneKnight Bomani Jones is the Truth Teller

    That and the chase after the pawn shop robbery were great.
  29. RogerSterling

    RogerSterling GBR Pelini nfm

    Some shots that stood out to me.

    Show Spoiler
    Elevator scene: the push in to the scorpion on his jacket.
    After Hendricks dies: When he disappears behind the wall.
    At Ninos bar: The shot that shows him approaching the doors in the mask.

    Lots of great cinematography.
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  30. whoppa whoppa

    whoppa whoppa in a corner touching my bing bong

    this was the best movie i have seen in a long time at the theaters. gosling is simply the best actor going right now and i think he will cement that fact with his two movies this year. the soundtrack was incredible and the gritty look of the movie was utterly perfect. nicholas winding refn is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors. the violence ... just ... oh, my god ... amazing. also one of the best opening scenes to a movie i've seen ... well, since i can remember.
  31. bobdozer

    bobdozer El Nino

    You first. It was terrible. :dealwithit:
  32. whoppa whoppa

    whoppa whoppa in a corner touching my bing bong

    do you like boys or something?
  33. bobdozer

    bobdozer El Nino

    If I liked boys I'd probably claim to enjoy a shitty movie starring Ryan Gosling.
  34. AUB

    AUB CFB CHAMPS '10 '13 '14 '57 '58 '83 '93 '04 '10

    You seem like the hipster in this instance, dozer
  35. Damion

    Damion Fan of: Vols, Titans, and Big Titties

  36. Smee

    Smee New Member

    NYDNA movie titled “Drive” should be about, well, driving. But the Ryan Gosling thriller was not what one Michigan woman expected when she bought a ticket to see it — so she’s suing. Sarah Deming is going after the distributor of “Drive,” FilmDistrict, as well as the theater where she saw it, because she had been under the impression the film would be a “Fast and Furious”-style action flick. In Deming’s suit, which she filed in the sixth judicial circuit court in Oakland, she claims the Nicolas Winding Refn thriller about a Hollywood stuntman-turned getaway driver “bore very little similarity to a chase, or race action film … having very little driving in the motion picture.” But what “Drive” did have lots of, according to Deming, is anti-semitism. In her suit, she also claims the film “substantially contained extreme, gratuitous, dehumanizing racism directed at members of the Jewish faith, and thereby promoted criminal violence against members of the Jewish faith.” Deming would like to eventually turn her filing into a class action suit, so other moviegoers can join her if they feel the film’s trailer misled them, as well.
  37. mpl92

    mpl92 netflix on your couch

  38. CaneKnight

    CaneKnight Bomani Jones is the Truth Teller

  39. Damion

    Damion Fan of: Vols, Titans, and Big Titties

    fucking stupid kike cunt
  40. LT8

    LT8 New Member

    Watch Bronson if you haven't already, great movie
  41. whoppa whoppa

    whoppa whoppa in a corner touching my bing bong

    it will mostly likely be a blind buy. i like tom hardy and his performance looks like it could be something special.
  42. LT8

    LT8 New Member

    He was terrific in it, you won't regret it
  43. Mike

    Mike I feel a lot more like I do now

    The car sound shifting constantly during the "post pawn shop" chase, even while in reverse was cheesy.
  44. C A N E

    C A N E not #toptier

    I really wish there was more... You know... Driving.
  45. laxjoe

    laxjoe My teams are bad and I do feel bad

    sounds like you should sue.
  46. Smee

    Smee New Member

    PETALUMA, Calif.A California man arrested for throwing a hot dog at Tiger Woods during a tournament said he wanted to do something “courageous and epic.” Brandon Kelly of Petaluma told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat on Tuesday that he’s a fan of Woods and got the idea after watching “Drive” — a recently released movie starring Ryan Gosling as a stunt driver who moonlights as a getaway driver. “I threw the hot dog toward Tiger Woods because I was inspired by the movie ‘Drive,’” Kelly said. “As soon as the movie ended, I thought to myself, ‘I have to do something courageous and epic. I have to throw a hot dog on the green in front of Tiger.’”
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  47. mc415

    mc415 El más chingon

    i kn
    i know the guy who did that, hes a total attention whore douchebag, hes trying to get publicity for his company
  48. Dayneface

    Dayneface I drink wine like a proper royal cunt.

    Movie was fantastic. Soundtrack is bananas.
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    ACEDGOD i make predictions

    was alright
  50. 00:06:00

    00:06:00 Hi Im Jacob Coker

    Good, nothing special. Pretty underwhelming actually for what I was expecting. Really liking RG these days though.

    *big discussion on this in the torrance thread, a few pages back fwiw

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