Swinging gate on extra points

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Herbie H, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Herbie H

    Herbie H New Member

    What is the point? Stop wasting everyones time and just line up and kick it.

    I believe the last team to use it to attempt a 2point conversion was tulsa iN 2009. They tried it 3 times in a game, failed on all of them, and lost the game by 2 :facepalm:
  2. is this the shit rutgers does every kick?
  3. Fancy

    Fancy Eagerly Awaiting The Spoils of 2013 Staff Member

    Every team should play I form smash mouth football iyam
  4. The Banks

    The Banks TMB's Alaskan

    Oregon has been successful using it on a number of occasions
  5. IT

    IT New Member


    POWESHOW Social Critic

    USC did it like every game last year and was successful on quite a few attempts. Solid research otherwise, OP
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  7. shawnoc

    shawnoc Fan of almost any team wearing red...

    Yeah, and it works. Rutgers didn't miss an extra point all season long.
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  8. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

    Faggot west coast bullshit. Kick the fucking FG and stop being a tricky faggot.
  9. NilesIrish

    NilesIrish Fan Of: The "Fan Of" Section

    Ty Willingham did this, he never once went for two off of it from what I remember, what a waste.
  10. duc15

    duc15 ppprrrrrrr

  11. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

    Line up and go for two then. I just hate all the trickery used in today's game. I prefer the "Here's what we're going to do and you aren't man enough to stop us." mentality over "Haha. Tricked ya bitch!" mentality. Just personal opinion.
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  12. duc15

    duc15 ppprrrrrrr

    I like the way that gets the 2 points more often
  13. ndamem2000

    ndamem2000 Drink Beer, Fuck Fear

    It's stupid....its supposed to leave the option for 2pt conversions open but since those are only necessary about 5 times a year the whole idea is dumb
  14. shawnoc

    shawnoc Fan of almost any team wearing red...

    I'm gonna defend the practice, just to be a homer, but there are two reasons for it.

    1. If the defense doesn't line up correctly to prevent the 2 point conversion, it's pretty easy to score 2 because you have a 1on1 from 2 yards out (or 6 blockers on a screen pass from 2 yards out).
    2. If the defense lines up correctly to prevent the 2 point conversion, it's impossible for them to blitz when you switch back and kick an extra point.

    Even if you never use it to go for two, it's still worthwhile.
  15. sc_chant

    sc_chant Be A Dog

    I don't understand why its done. I don't care why its done. I just never want to see it again.
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  16. Duke Buster

    Duke Buster New Member

    so did you despise the fact that bama took several plays out of auburn's playbook verbatim in last years iron bowl?

    i guess it doesn't matter, because you're too dumb to realize that we were a smash mouth team
  17. Fancy

    Fancy Eagerly Awaiting The Spoils of 2013 Staff Member

    Play action passes should be illegal too
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  18. killerwvu

    killerwvu Restoring WVU's E-Rep 1 Post At A Time

    how about draw/option plays :ohnoes:
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  19. O-face

    O-face Always Rockin BUFU

    Fake punts and field goals are clearly out of the question then, I guess.
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  20. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

    Jesus fucking Christ. Can you ever stop talking about Bama? I didn't even mention AU and you come in with a wet vagina.
  21. Duke Buster

    Duke Buster New Member

    remember when alabama faked a punt on their own 20 in the first half in the national championship :loldog:
  22. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

    Fucking right. Wing-t till I die.
  23. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

    There you go again.
  24. Duke Buster

    Duke Buster New Member

    your veiled shots don't go unnoticed tubby
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  25. Duke Buster

    Duke Buster New Member

    your statement was quite similar to your statement in the iron bowl thread...'auburn was up 14-0 last year too....but they did it on trick plays, but whatever'

    just admit you're a bumbling cunt
  26. yeah the funny thing about that is the wing t offense is based on deception, you never know where the ball is going. You would know that if you ever played football
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  27. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

    I was talking to an Oregon fan and fucking with him about their offense you ignorant paranoid cunt.
  28. MotherfuckinCEO

    MotherfuckinCEO New Member

    Makes the other team take the extra practice time defending it. It's more effective in high school when teams spend less time practicing special teams each week and don't have as many guys on a team. Similar to the pod formation.
  29. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

    Ahh, you played park ball so you know more than me. Fuck my life.

    Wing-t has deception involved but it's as smashmouth as it gets.
  30. Duke Buster

    Duke Buster New Member

    i really think you delude yourself into believing the shit you say
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  31. :facepalm: just...wow
  32. Joe_Pesci

    Joe_Pesci Staff Member


    i also assume you would like ya boy Saban to telegraph his coverages and blitzes before every play, you know, just to show the opposing offensive coordinator who's the bigger man.
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  33. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

    Are you this paranoid in all aspects of your life? I'm not PDL. I'm not Mullet. I don't post or care much at all about AU. Sorry if you can't grasp that. I don't even know the last time I opened your team thread. You're in Bama's every damn day.
  34. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

  35. Duke Buster

    Duke Buster New Member

    i'm not the least bit paranoid, i'm just calling you out for being a dumbass
  36. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne Billionaire Playboy

    Clearly has never played a down of football in his life.
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  37. tne

    tne Now tagging people with spaces in their name

  38. Where Eagles Dare

    Where Eagles Dare Integrity wrapped around the creed

    Typical dlb thread.

    Start arguement, when someone calls him out give the typical....

    and surrenders & goes to bed early.
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  39. Duke Buster

    Duke Buster New Member

    you're either paranoid, or you're part of the massive conspiracy that thinks dbl knows pretty much nothing about football
  40. Arrec Bardwin

    Arrec Bardwin The purest of hebrews

    Holy shit you're retarded dbl.
  41. Duke Buster

    Duke Buster New Member

    dbl have you ever been in a prolonged thread where numerous people were like 'you know what dbl, you make a pretty damn good point'?
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  42. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

    LOL @ all the AU fans getting upset when not a word was mentioned about AU. :facepalm:
  43. Duke Buster

    Duke Buster New Member

    i don't have a problem with you because you're an alabama fan, i have a problem with you because you're an idiot and an embarrassment to our state
  44. Fancy

    Fancy Eagerly Awaiting The Spoils of 2013 Staff Member

  45. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

    I live in Florida, dipshit.
  46. ruteelrice

    ruteelrice I been rolling in that purple

  47. Duke Buster

    Duke Buster New Member

    true, but youre the epitome of everything that sucks about mobile

    you're essentially the ignatius reilly of tmb
  48. dblplay1212

    dblplay1212 New Member

    Is all this bc I didn't send your brother and invitation to RUFL?
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  49. Duke Buster

    Duke Buster New Member

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