Playing the Role of Spoiler for Four More Years - Conservatives/Republicans ITT

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Moxin24, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. Can I Spliff it Yes you can

    Seems like they fought for exactly that in hawaii :idk:
  2. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    I mean I guess its a good thing to out morons, but I really don't understand why things like are stories.

    1-Most people think groups like NOM are insane

    2-No one who supports NOM is going to Starbucks anyway.
  3. Lyrtch Finished the Job

  4. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    Seriously, I'm fucking busy today, please don't be disingenuous and act like ACLU hasn't done what I said and that they aren't a left wing organization.
    There were liberal groups that got together to support conservatives when they challenged the campaign finance law a few years ago, that doesn't make them less liberal or more conservative.

    I find it funny that you defend any legitimate criticism I've ever leveled against the left. I mean is there anyone or anything left you do find objectionable?
  5. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    Bill O'Reilly stood up for Ellen DeGeneres when she was targeted by an anti-gay group last month, I'm sure liberals will all be reevaluating their opinions of him now.
  6. slogan119 Her?

    It was hyperbole. I'm no more likely to go Democrat because of the crazies than I am to jump off a bridge today. Organizations like that just drive me insane, and it is on both sides, so it's double the insanity (just worse when I disagree with their message).
  7. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    The ones on the right always piss me off more because they misrepresent party and ideology.
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  8. Lyrtch Finished the Job

    No one is saying the ACLU isn't more in line with the left, what is being found amusing is trying to compare it to some of the extremist right wing groups as if they're even in the same universe.
  9. Talking Head The Bag Man.

    I'm fairly liberal and despise the ACLU, NAACP, and most unions because they are archaic, have fulfilled most if not all of their goals, and do nothing now but make things complicated. I think they were created for outstanding reasons and I don't mind them being in existence. I'd be fine if they just kinda monitored shit, but you have these huge organizations with most of their original goals fulfilled, but a huge workforce who have to continually produce. It's just a recipe for overstepping your original intentions.
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  10. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    Well its like anything else, you can't justify a $250,000 paycheck if you just monitor things. If you told a 25 year old Jesse Jackson what race relations would be like in 2012 he would have sucked off his own father to get it. No more Jim Crow, highest black home and business ownership in history and a black president. Its everything he fought for. Today's Jesse Jackson needs to stay relevant so he says shit like there's a genocide going on against black people.
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  11. slogan119 Her?

    Unions drive me the most insane of all those groups. Their sole purpose now is to keep themselves alive through member dues so they don't have to go back out and start working again. They did serve a purpose, but now much of that purpose has been taken over by government organizations.
  12. Illinihockey New Member

  13. lsufball19 New Member

    i get most annoyed when they create issues that shouldn't be issues at all. it's all a power thing for them. the people in power in those groups don't want to lose that power, so they continue to create issues about nothing because they don't want to fade away. but i agree, at their creation, they served a good purpose. now, very little.
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  14. Talking Head The Bag Man.

    Exactly what I'm saying. It's not like you're going to build an organization that has tons of money and employees, then just disband or downsize once most of your goals are attained. You just keep going and get more and more outrageous, until you're more interested in controversy than equality.

    We have become somewhat of a new Detroit in Alabama with so much car manufacturing, and every fucking one of them are foreign companies who utilize cheap land and way cheaper labor than Detroit. You take the unions out of American car manufacturing and stop paying assembly line workers $35/hour and maybe we could take over our place again.

    Unions were awesome when labor was seen as fucking machinery that can be thrown away at the drop of a hat. They battled to get better treatment of workers and most of their goals have been fulfilled. Now they just keep going because of the same reasons the NAACP and ACLU continue and all they do is kill our competitive advantages.
  15. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    I think watson just came

    March 29, 2012

    Haley Indictment Coming Soon?

    Two legal experts have independently told Palmetto Public Record they expect the U.S. Department of Justice to issue an indictment against South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) on charges of tax fraud as early as this week.
  16. hogfan My beard is better than your beard

  17. slogan119 Her?

  18. hogfan My beard is better than your beard

    Ryan budget bill passes in the House again.

    This is the sort of thing I was referring to before on the GOP needing more elections to get more Paul Ryan's elected:

    House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) seemed to address that frustration indirectly on Thursday as he praised Ryan for putting forward a budget that represents a "real vision of what we were to do if we get more control here in this town."
    "It's still a Democrat-run town," he added.
  19. slogan119 Her?

    Statements like that can be used by ugafish. Fucking Boehner.
  20. hogfan My beard is better than your beard

    He's right though. When you control 1 of 3 pieces needed to cut spending, then you typically don't get much especially when the other side isn't willing to go very far.

    When some of my crazy tea party friends whine about it I quickly remind they that they supported people like Christine "I'm not a witch" O'Donnell and Sharon "I can't beat Harry Reid" Angle instead of running legitimate candidates that would have given them at least the majority back. They would have likely still not gotten much else through but they would at least control the debate which is just as important.
  21. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    I think it has to do with two things.

    One, yes he does have hardcore ideologues in the White House and very few moderates. Emmanuel wasn't a moderate but he was a creature of Washington, he was going to be forced out if he didn't leave for Chicago and Dailey is a moderate who actually was forced out. No one in that building as an interest in compromising.

    Second, even if Obama was interested in compromising he has terrible political skills. He's a first rate campaigner but he is inept at maneuvering through Washington politics. Not only was he barely in the Senate for a year and half before he decided to run, he was only a state senator before that. He had no Washington connections and doesn't seem too interested in interacting with anyone. I mean its hilarious how he hits the Republicans in Congress for being the party of no when he spent his two years in the Senate voting to filibuster W's judicial nominees, voting against raising the debt ceiling and according to Boehner and McConnell he literally hasn't spoken to them since August of last year. I mean shit, what is this guy trying to be the leader of?
  22. hogfan My beard is better than your beard

    Yeah and what is telling is these same points have been pointed out by the left as well. I've seen several write-ups from the left that basically say Obama is terrible at actually being an executive. He is a great public motivator via his speeches and he's probably one of the best campaigners we've ever seen but his actual ability to be an executive is extremely weak.

    Ironic enough, this was the chief GOP complaint with him during 2008.
  23. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    Like I told everyone under Obama's spell in 08 and have repeated over and over since then. Is there ANY doubt more would have been accomplished under a McCain administration. I mean shit, for better or worse, McCain compromised like a motherfucker. That was his thing. I think he probably would have compromised too much for my liking, but for all the "why can't they get things done" people he would have been a wet dream compared to Obama.
  24. slogan119 Her?

    I wish the McCain of 2008 was the McCain of 2000, instead. He might have had a chance against Obama and wouldn't have felt the need to throw a Hail Mary by picking Sarah Palin.
  25. hogfan My beard is better than your beard

    Yeah I mean when you have a divided Congress you have to compromise and work together. Hell even conservative God Ronald Reagan compromised with his Democratic Congress because otherwise nothing would have been accomplished.

    This "I need to get everything I want in 1 bill or I'm not going to play" attitude is really bad for Congress as an Institution and one of the biggest complaints I see from the folks that study Congress.
  26. hogfan My beard is better than your beard

    Not after September when the word "bailout" was uttered for the first time. We likely would have seen a repeat of 04 with a Democratic win (most likely) until the economy collapsed and become the story. McCain's inability to handle it was also his downfall. Palin didn't really help or hurt him through the election. When you look at the exit polls there were basically as many people that voted for him because of her than those who chose not to vote for him because of her. Palin didn't really fall apart until after November and then she....well you know the rest of that story :laugh:
  27. slogan119 Her?

    So the bill to prohibit employers from asking for your Facebook password was shot down today in the House.

    Personally, I might start asking people for their password to Facebook. If they say no, I'll consider them. If they say yes, they're idiots I don't want working for me.
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  28. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    The McCain of 00 got steamrolled by a lesser candidate with more money and establishment support.

    For all the shit he gets for picking Palin, and some of it deserved, people really have to acknowledge how much the VP choice was going to fuck him.

    He absolutely 100% could not pick the standard old white male. He just couldn't. He was already tied or a little behind Obama, he couldn't have gone with a traditional selection against the first black presidential nominee.

    He also couldn't have picked a black person like Michael Steele or J.C. Watts because that would have looked like he pandered and he would have been destroyed for it.

    He wanted to pick Lieberman but the base would have flipped their shit.

    On the surface Palin was a smart choice. She was conservative, she was popular, she was attractive, she was a "minority" without being a minority and apparently she knocked her interview out of the park. Now you can blame the McCain campaign for not vetting her further, and I do, but shit who was he supposed to pick?

    The guy was fucked no matter what he did.
  29. slogan119 Her?

    Lieberman might have changed politics as we know it. Rather than being divisive and full of attacks, it might have become more collaborative, much like the world today.
  30. hogfan My beard is better than your beard

    Yeah if McCain had not already been in trouble with the base, he could have gotten away with picking Lieberman. Considering they were already suspect of him (which is bullshit IMO), he was screwed like Moxin said above.
  31. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    I like Lieberman as much as a Republican can like a Democrat, but he wouldn't have been my choice. McCain always wanted to be known as a political transcendent guy. Shit, in 2006 or something Jon Stewart called him, "My president". He was adored by the media for bucking conservative orthodoxy and he was admired on the left as a man of principle. But the funny thing was this was a case of the conservative base being right. They always said that the media and liberals would love him for as long as it served their purpose but if he became the nominee they'd rip him apart and that's exactly what happened.
    Whatever someone's position on Palin is, the massive media gang rape of her that took place right after she was chosen was ridiculous. Serious people in the media questioning whether her kid was really her kid and shit. I mean fuck, its easy to say she deserves it now because she's become a media personality but she didn't back then. I mean there are intelligent, educated, people who think Sarah Palin actually said, "I can see Russia from my house".
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  32. slogan119 Her?

    I don't question whether it was her kid or not. I question whether she had the mental capacity to be VP, and if she should be next in line with a 72 year old guy as President.

    If he was 100% going with a woman, Kay Bailey Hutchison would have been a MUCH better choice.
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  33. hogfan My beard is better than your beard

    Concur. There was a lot of insanity that came out that was just stupid and embarrassing.
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  34. hogfan My beard is better than your beard

    She had her eye on another seat at that point in time.
  35. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    Oh, not arguing she was qualified, she wasn't. It was a bad choice, I'm simply saying that a bad choice should cost something in media coverage and public opinion but it shouldn't have cost him what it did. Dan Quayle wasn't a good choice (and I'd argue was a quieter, male version of Palin) and neither was Biden. The crucifixion that took place over it was insane though.

    KBH is pro-choice, wouldn't have worked.

    Again, there were no good choices so I wish he would have went with Joe so at least he could have run the campaign he wanted to.
  36. Talking Head The Bag Man.

    Why did Obama pick Biden in the first place? I never even heard about him before he was announced as the VP candidate. He doesn't exactly seem like someone who I'd be happy taking over if something happened to Obama.
  37. hogfan My beard is better than your beard

    Obama was perceived as inexperienced and weak on foreign relations. Biden had both of those since he had been in the Senate for 30 years on the Foreign Relations committee.
  38. Arkie Proud I'll say what I want, when I want, motherfuckers.

    Obama was an inexperienced but charismatic young black guy. Biden was a guy with years in DC, an old white guy who sometimes said stupid shit. Wonder Twin Powers activate, they were the perfect candidate.
  39. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    According to his wife he was offered either the VP job or Sec of State and he picked VP. Hillary was the backup at both spots.
  40. hogfan My beard is better than your beard

    Yeah the experience pick to shore up the perceived weakness or the unity ticket to unify the base. Either of those would have been good for him.
  41. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    Biden was also the "blue collar" guy. He was put on the ticket to try to prevent rust belt Dems from fleeing the party.
  42. hogfan My beard is better than your beard

    I think Hilary could have done the same. Most of those were Hilary voters during the primaries. I honestly don't think Obama wanted Hilary as the VP. He might have been forced to take her but I don't think he wanted her.
  43. Arkie Proud I'll say what I want, when I want, motherfuckers.

    Same could be said for Bill.
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  44. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

    No I don't think he wanted her either.

    And truth be told I love me some Joey Biden. Here's a guy who ran for president in '88 but had to drop out because he plagiarized a speech. He wanted to divide Iraq up into three different countries, with forced relocation and the whole deal. He said he would have been honored to run as McCain's VP before he decided to run in '08 himself. Basically called Obama a kid repeatedly in the debates and continues to say crazy shit to this day. As long as he never actually becomes president I'm glad he's around.
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  45. slogan119 Her?

    Scared the white bitch was going to kill him to get what she thought she deserved.
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  46. slogan119 Her?

    He's a big fucking deal.
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  47. hogfan My beard is better than your beard

    Yeah I enjoy good ole Joe.
  48. slogan119 Her?

    Obligatory Mandatory:

  49. RUskoolie Counting down the days to 12/1/2014

    Interesting link on the ACLU, it's good to know and gives me hope. However it is STILL a very liberal organization with Socialistic style principals. I believe it was founded by a Communist or Atheist.
  50. Moxin24 Ukrane is game to you?

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