Official Penn State Thread: Franklin's march to the Valley - Rape and Pillaging in store

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by FrankReynolds, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. og543ss

    og543ss why should I even give a fuck, why should I care.

    I check it all day from my couch while I do nothing :mulletsmug:
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  2. construxboy

    construxboy 3.0 is the new 2.0

    fucking fuck
  3. Doc Louis

    Doc Louis High Potentate

    Should let the UT-Austin boosters make the coaching decision for you since they didn't get to make it for their school.
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  4. construxboy

    construxboy 3.0 is the new 2.0

  5. mugRBG

    mugRBG PSU, NY Knicks, KC Chiefs

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  6. mugRBG

    mugRBG PSU, NY Knicks, KC Chiefs,0,1801473.story

    I really wouldn't be happy with a Roman hire, and I don't think anyone has hinted at that at all...but I still don't even see why he gets the interview. Credited with Kaepernick, yet Harbaugh is the former QB/works with his QBs, made the decision to go to Kaepernick, and as OC for the 9ers I don't see anything revolutionary that Roman would bring to the table. In fact, the passing offense is pretty dreadful.
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  7. PSU12

    PSU12 #WankinForFranklin

  8. construxboy

    construxboy 3.0 is the new 2.0

    Hope you know something
  9. kn88

    kn88 fuck al golden (and randy woatman)

  10. Sean Connery

    Sean Connery Suck it, Trebek

  11. Pac_Lion

    Pac_Lion War Pigs - Fondue with Cheddar

    We really do have great flight trackers
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  12. Sean Connery

    Sean Connery Suck it, Trebek

    I'm wankin
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  13. jorge

    jorge Just tryin' out this Football fad

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  14. Sean Connery

    Sean Connery Suck it, Trebek


    Back to irrelevance for Vandy
  15. thegenerel

    thegenerel New Member

    I dont know who is more butthurt, Pitt or Vanderbilt fans.

    Chris Gates@Chris_Gates 5m
    Pardon me, as I will always support Pitt and think it's the best spot for recruits. You can argue. I won't change.

    Chris Gates@Chris_Gates 39m
    If WPIAL kids want to play college football in this area, #Pitt is it. No question about it.

    mike vukovcan@mikevukkdka 16m <--- kdka reporter, Pitt homer
    Didn't realize this but saw this from @DanWolken in 3 years at Vanderbilt, James Franklin had just 4 wins vs. teams with a winning record.
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  16. jorge

    jorge Just tryin' out this Football fad

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  17. awesome hire

    congrats bros
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  18. FrankReynolds

    FrankReynolds Warden of Tiers

    I think he's a great hire even before diversity purposes
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  19. Sean Connery

    Sean Connery Suck it, Trebek

    Vandy in rooins
  20. uh, ok
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  21. FrankReynolds

    FrankReynolds Warden of Tiers

    we're pretty white up here. take a look at our secondary.
  22. FrankReynolds

    FrankReynolds Warden of Tiers

    new thread title.
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  23. Jesse Palmer

    Jesse Palmer Hair Product & Roses

    Franklin >>>>>> Golden
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  24. PSU12

    PSU12 #WankinForFranklin

    Franklin's march. An army of nogs. Armed with Vandy and Maryland tears.
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  25. RockHardEnis39

    RockHardEnis39 Driver setting up DirecTV dish, NICE HAT BRO

    Are we getting shirts made?
  26. FrankReynolds

    FrankReynolds Warden of Tiers

    Sean Connery

    What do you guys do around 8pm on weekdays? Currently discussing new users for the private board and want to get you acclimated to the community, potentially, in our chatroom
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  27. Sean Connery

    Sean Connery Suck it, Trebek

    Depends on the day. I have night classes on Mondays and I work 2-3 nights a week. Other than that, nothing mandatory.
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  28. Cornelius Suttree

    Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

    this all became obvious when Dwight Galt's son resigned as assistant strength and conditioning coach

    couldn't have that conflict of interest because CJF is totally bring Galt on board to be your S&C coach. That man is an absolute god

    I assume the following people would almost certainly be joining his staff at PSU

    Charles Bankins (TE coach/ST coordinator)
    John Donovan (OC/RB coach)
    Ricky Rahne (QB coach)
    Sean Spencer (DL coach)
    Josh Gattis (WR coach/recruiting coordinator and just overall G)
    Jemal Griffin (chief of staff)
    Kevin Threlkel (asst director of operations)
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  29. NDfanPSUgrad

    NDfanPSUgrad New Member

    Private Board please. Psu alum here.
  30. Bankz

    Bankz New Member

    Our former S&C coach Fitz learned under Galt and we absolutely loved Fitz so this is good to hear.
  31. mugRBG

    mugRBG PSU, NY Knicks, KC Chiefs

    thanks for posting

    know you've posted a bunch on the bar family and other shit
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  32. Cornelius Suttree

    Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

    yeah I was wondering today how much Fitz Lassing/Wesley Johnson and Brad Bars have been texting each other. All three were HS teammates and two just finished up at VU under CJF while Bars is close to them and obviously at PSU
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  33. FrankReynolds

    FrankReynolds Warden of Tiers

    Whats the chances that Hand and Shoop come with Franklin?
  34. Cornelius Suttree

    Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

    I'd say both are more likely to go with CJF then remain in their current positions at VU but Hand more likely than Shoop. Hand was one of the only people left over from the last staff so the administration clearly likes him but I could see him being sick of having to answer to a different guy every couple years. One more short stint at a place like PSU and he probably gets a HC gig fairly soon (although I think he is overrated). I hope to see us make a really strong effort to retain Shoop because our defenses have been soooo much more complex than anything we've had in my lifetime and they've produced the best results for us since the mid-90's when we had Woody Widenhofer orchestrating the D. Both might be interested in applying for the HC position

    Shoop is an absolutely brilliant man and I could see any stat freaks in your fan base absolutely loving him. I have liked him since day one but my mancrush on him really grew once I heard him refer to completion percentage as a clown stat when asked a question in a pregame show by our play by play guy
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  35. 34

    34 cultivating mass

    frank we lost the thread icon

    but thread title is glorious
  36. Pac_Lion

    Pac_Lion War Pigs - Fondue with Cheddar

    8pm weekdays I'm either on here or playing FIFA. Would be 6pm for me since I'm out here in MT. How has my joe pa puke story not swayed the PSU voters yet lol
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  37. pennstate2012

    pennstate2012 Wankin' for Franklin

    We don't want the curse of Joe over our heads.
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  38. Pac_Lion

    Pac_Lion War Pigs - Fondue with Cheddar

  39. jorge

    jorge Just tryin' out this Football fad

    We had to figure out a system for adding people. The internet is serious business after all.
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  40. NDfanPSUgrad

    NDfanPSUgrad New Member

    @JHopkins247: RT @ChrisSmithVU247: Per @footballscoop Vanderbilt has been reported to have offered Coach Franklin 50 million dollars spread over 10 years.
  41. Cornelius Suttree

    Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

    took this from VandySports, I don't agree with 100% of it but maybe 98% of it represents my feelings. It's pretty long

    Show Spoiler

    As James Franklin leaves in a rather distasteful way and many are rightfully pissed off at the guy for these antics, I would like to offer an honest assessment of the man and his time at Vandy.

    Three years ago, James Franklin and Vanderbilt desperately needed each other. James Franklin was a head coach in waiting behind a head coach who wasn't ready to leave and faced with an new administration that didn't want either one of them. He needed a place where he could prove himself as a head coach. Vanderbilt had suffered through years of bad football and lack of administrative and fan support, had just been abandoned by their mediocre long-term heach coach, suffered through a year of Robbie Caldwell, and had been left at the altar by Gus Malzahn. Vandy football needed a leader that could drag them up out of the muck they were in and re-energize a long-stagnant program. James Franklin and Vanderbilt football needed each other.

    James was just what the doctor ordered for Vanderbilt. He is a master salesman, motivator, and self-promoter, and a good football coach. And Vanderbilt needed exactly that. He did not take no for answer from recruits, sold himself as the savior and face of the program to players and fans alike and literally yanked this program out of its funk. And the program has thrived under him. They have gotten better players, better coaches, historical levels of wins and bowl appearances. And they have gotten administrative and fan support unlike they have had in decades. This program is so much better than it was 3 years ago. About the only thing that is the same is the Star V on the helmets. Vanderbilt got exactly what it needed from James Franklin for the last 3 years.

    James also got what he needed out of the relationship. James needed a place to shine and build his reputation. He was a tireless self-promoter that made himself the face of the Vanderbilt program. He was the savior of Vanderbilt football. He became the "rock star" coach, the hottest name in college football. But, he got those because he got results. Anybody who thought James Franklin was going to be here for a very long time was just not watching. James clearly had bigger aspirations than just Vandy football (and assuredly bigger then PSU as well). I thought he would be here longer than 3 years, but I didn't think it would be more than 5 years. James Franklin will keep moving until his star burns out or he reaches the top. Time will tell which of those happens first.

    CenturyCity had a post yesterday where he wrote something like "young coach, quick tongue, not used to being repped" about James Franklin. I think that is what happened at the end. He has made some big mistakes in how he has chosen to leave Vanderbilt that will hurt most of us. But, this is a guy that has never had to leave someplace where he was the face of the program and he didn't know how to do it and he probably didn't get great advice. His problem is that he built this "larger than life, holier than thou" personna, when he is really just a guy with a certain skill set - a master salesman, self-promoter, motivator and a good football coach. That didn't make him an expert at knowing how to leave. I am quite certain that he is not trying to screw Vanderbilt, its players or its fans on his way out. But, none were ever his highest priority (he was his highest priority).

    I bet he is already regretting how the last few days went down, as it will put the first dent in that carefully crafted image. But that doesn't make him a horrible person. It makes him human and inexperienced in this situation. His mistakes are just being played out on a bigger stage than most of us make our mistakes on. I wish he had done it differently, as I think he deserves accolades and thanks for what he did for the program for the last 3 years. But, he lost that chance in his mistakes in the end.

    Finally, I will say that the silver lining in how he left is that the fan base will be more ready to see him go and ready to welcome the next new stud coach that is going to take the program to the next level. James as the scapegoat will likely help Vanderbilt maintain the momentum he created and avoid the backlash that the admin let our savior get away.

    Thats how I feel about all of this. Anchor Down.
  42. Sean Connery

    Sean Connery Suck it, Trebek

    So am I alone in hoping Franklin takes the last names off the jerseys? I know it's a pretty trivial matter, but I absolutely hate it.
  43. RockHardEnis39

    RockHardEnis39 Driver setting up DirecTV dish, NICE HAT BRO

    I'd like to see him get rid of them too.

    Jimmy the Saint
  44. Dr. Jan Itor

    Dr. Jan Itor Wankin for Franklin

    what did he do in leaving that was so bad? not flaming, just curious what its like from vandy's side
  45. Cornelius Suttree

    Cornelius Suttree Et in Arcadia ego

    he's been having assistants recruit on PSU's behalf on VU's dime. On Monday it will be four years to the day that Lane Kiffin bailed on UT. At least Kiffin left quickly and didn't rub their noses in it like James has done here. He accepted the job several days ago and still hasn't told anyone on the team. This 2014 class is probably not gonna be salvageable at this point. The dead period is about to end and we don't have any interviews even lined up

    only thing I'm mad about is the having Charles Bankins actively recruit on PSU's behalf while VU is paying for their services
  46. PSU12

    PSU12 #WankinForFranklin

    Frankly, PSU put him in this situation from our Freeh report recommendations for hirings in power positions. We have so many hoops to jump through or he would have been our coach on Wednesday. He's kind of in a position that he can't officially resign until everything is cleared on PSU's end. Really, it just sucks for everyone involved.
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  47. mugRBG

    mugRBG PSU, NY Knicks, KC Chiefs

    f this is true, think Vandy has intentions of offering the head job to one of Franklin's assistants? It does suck that Vandy is going to lose Franklin, but giving him a somewhat (perception wise) impossible job and him having success, you have to think Vandy saw it coming sooner or later.

    BTW, I believe I saw a tweet (cant remember from who, or who it was that said it) that said James Franklin told this person over a year ago that he considered PSU a dream job. PA guy. College in PA. Recruiting ties with his experience in PA, MD, etc.

    how would you feel about that hire for vandy, or the clemson oc? if nobody from current staff gets a look?
  48. Pac_Lion

    Pac_Lion War Pigs - Fondue with Cheddar

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  49. RockHardEnis39

    RockHardEnis39 Driver setting up DirecTV dish, NICE HAT BRO

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