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Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Emjay, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. CaneKnight

    CaneKnight Dabo Swinney = God

    NCHusker88 said:
    Dwight Deron Williams in Orlando New Jersey Brooklyn iyam
  2. jwpearl

    jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    that would be awkward given his taiwanese heritage
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  3. fucking LOL

    #Magic C Daniel Orton will make his 1st start tonight in a non D-League game since he was in the high school state title game in Okla.
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  4. mugRBG

    mugRBG Fan Of: #teamoutlaw/COB, NY Knicks, Chiefs, Jags

    it would
    Show Spoiler
  5. jwpearl

    jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    oh my
  6. dump

    dump Drowned in that pussy so I swam to tha BUTT

  7. jwpearl

    jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    I was wondering if that same was true with Eric Bledsoe when I came across his grades scandal. Does anyone remember that? Kind of amazing Calipari doesn't already have an invalidated final four at Kentucky.
  8. I wasn't going to watch tonight but now I have to.

    I mean look at this stat man

    Every time Orton plays 8 mins or more the magic win :grinch:
  9. Nelson
    J Rich

  10. dump

    dump Drowned in that pussy so I swam to tha BUTT

    AUBURN HILLS, MICH. -- Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose is fed up with the way some players in the league are trying to defend him.

    Rose, who scored 24 points in the Bulls' 100-94 overtime win over the Detroit Pistons on Sunday night, was frustrated that he had a bloody dent on the bridge of his nose thanks to Pistons' forward Charlie Villanueva.

    With 4:31 left to play in regulation, Rose drove to the rim and was hammered by Villanueva. The veteran swingman was called for a flagrant foul on Rose, held up after a video review by officials, and then was given a technical foul for arguing.

    After the game, Rose was still upset with the way the play went down. He argued with Villanueva for a moment before going to the sidelines for treatment from Bulls athletic trainer Fred Tedeschi.

    Rose, who has a well-documented fear of needles and said he would not be getting stitches, wore a band-aid over his nose for the rest of the game.

    "I was mad," Rose said. "I'm sick and tired of people trying to take cheap shots at me. You got to say something."

    Rose was fined $25,000 last month for making comments toward officials after a March 12 game against the New York Knicks.

    "I've gotta be the only superstar in the league that's going through what I'm going through right now," Rose said at the time, referring to a lack of foul calls in his favor. "But I can't say too much about it."

    This time, he took matters into his own hands. He felt it was time to stand up for himself against Villanueva.

    "You got to," Rose said. "He didn't even aim for the ball. At least go for the ball. I felt like he didn't and that's the reason why I got mad a little bit."

    "I really don't know," he said. "Probably because I don't say anything or whatever, but I'm a man, where in situations like that you have to say something."

    For his part, Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau was satisfied with the explanation he got regarding the hard foul.

    "Look, these guys are great officials," Thibodeau said. "So (the official) said 'it appeared to be worse than it actually was.' That's what he said to me. Usually when they say that, they know they've gotten a pretty good look at it, so I dropped (the complaining) right there."

    Rose, who has missed 23 games this year because of various injuries, is averaging 22 points a game this season.
  11. kn88

    kn88 fully ericht

    No worries tonight. Wiz defend like bitches
  12. mugRBG

    mugRBG Fan Of: #teamoutlaw/COB, NY Knicks, Chiefs, Jags

    i fucking hate this nbatv bullshit....i actually wanted to just chill, watch this sixers-magic game and root for a depleted magic, but nbatv has that retarded contractual shit up on the i live in pa and look through 250 channels and the game just isn't on for me. :crossedarms:

    [​IMG] NBA TV National 7:00 pm ET
  13. CaneKnight

    CaneKnight Dabo Swinney = God

    Why the fuck is Chris Duhon playing????? fuck it you know what fire van gundy. Fucking idiot.
  14. lol orlando up 54-47
  15. CaneKnight

    CaneKnight Dabo Swinney = God

    Also I can't fucking stand Ryan Anderson. He's the biggest hit or miss player in the NBA. He's worthless most nights then just randomly shows up. I'll be happy when he's gone.
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  16. StinkusP1nkus

    StinkusP1nkus Trophy Points: 765 Staff Member

    Was mildly entertaining and then the very end...

    "so MIke that means they give him two points"

    Lost it.
  17. like srsly Philly lol
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  18. mugRBG

    mugRBG Fan Of: #teamoutlaw/COB, NY Knicks, Chiefs, Jags

    philly really fucking themselves......i like it

    knicks back in the 7
  19. DuffandMuff

    DuffandMuff Headaches

    i love him

    nba sucks so hard... that magic team whooping a 7 seed's ass like that? they need to contract the league by like 6 teams
  20. C A N E

    C A N E Survived the great crash of 2015

    Bulls down to the Wiz at the half? I'll take it.

    We just have to beat the fuckin Nets first :facepalm:
  21. NWestGator

    NWestGator peacefully coexisting amongst owls

    Luke Babbitt aka Mr Chalupas is getting his first NBA start tonight

    gonna be glorious
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  22. Illinihockey

    Illinihockey New Member

    Rose and Deng aren't playing
  23. C A N E

    C A N E Survived the great crash of 2015

  24. #SeasonWithoutReason
  25. mugRBG

    mugRBG Fan Of: #teamoutlaw/COB, NY Knicks, Chiefs, Jags

    humphries schoolin the fuck out of bosh.....of course the heat would sit wade today and not against the knicks. :whyioughta:
  26. Yanks711

    Yanks711 TMB's Hoosier

    Pacers on fire right this month, up to 39-22. :feelsgoodman:
  27. Xander Crews

    Xander Crews New Member

    Holy shit Lebron. It's the Nets...but still.

    15 straight points.
  28. C A N E

    C A N E Survived the great crash of 2015

    14 or 15 straight point by LBJ
  29. Lyrtch

    Lyrtch those who produce should have

    Lebron just going Pistons ECF on the Nets tonight.
  30. Lyrtch

    Lyrtch those who produce should have

    Hahaha, that was the most Nets inbounds play ever.
  31. C A N E

    C A N E Survived the great crash of 2015

    lol Nets turn it over because they couldn't inbound the ball
  32. joey jo-jo jr shabadoo

    joey jo-jo jr shabadoo seducing tibetan pop stars

    Know it's the nets, but damn Bron.
  33. Yanks711

    Yanks711 TMB's Hoosier

    Never thought I'd see the day where Kris Humphries was an above average NBA player.
  34. mpl92

    mpl92 netflix on your couch

    lol fucking nets are atrocious.
  35. jwpearl

    jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    Both Wizards starting backcourt players shoot under 42.5%
  36. Xander Crews

    Xander Crews New Member

    Is Humphries a FA after this season? If so, he's prob getting paid by some dumb team.
  37. Lyrtch

    Lyrtch those who produce should have

    Lebron with 17 straight and 37/7/6 2 steals 1 block to somehow win that awful, awful, game.
  38. Good Effort! Good Game!

    Good Effort! Good Game! Dallas Clark's biggest fan

    Pacers looking good lately
  39. jwpearl

    jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    He was one this season, and no one wanted him because he was mean to a Kardashian.
  40. jwpearl

    jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    I want my 100 dollars
  41. Yanks711

    Yanks711 TMB's Hoosier

    Looking at the 4th quarter play by play of that game on the Heat side is pretty funny. Just Bron scores, Bron scores, one after the other.
  42. StinkusP1nkus

    StinkusP1nkus Trophy Points: 765 Staff Member

    He was great at Minnesota..just left too early and wasn't ready. Crazy that he was *this* close to washing out and somehow got back on an upward trend.
  43. plz tell me the hawks won
  44. Yanks711

    Yanks711 TMB's Hoosier

    As in the Gophers? If so, agreed. Just thought we was one of those guys that was never going to pan out like you mentioned.
  45. Yanks711

    Yanks711 TMB's Hoosier

    109-87 W
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  46. beerleagueman

    beerleagueman New Member

    not a fan either, he'll hit 8 threes vs Charlotte and score 2 against elite teams. I root for the Magic but I hate the style of play with the pick and pop around Dwight. I want to see guys going to the rim, it's 'live or die by the 3' , that style never wins Championships
  47. it's what Otis has put around him
  48. EdmondDantes

    EdmondDantes Both winner in league and apparently at life, haha Staff Member

  49. NCHusker88

    NCHusker88 Come with me if you don't want to get paint on you

    Fuck you Houston nuggy nugg
  50. Nino Brown

    Nino Brown Captain Save-A-Hoe's killer

    Man I guess we just said fuck it tonight. Losing to the Wiz. MEH
  51. Gunners

    Gunners Nicking a living

    Was watching the hockey game but think it's safe to conclude that Seraphin > Noah and Boozer.
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