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Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Emjay, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. One we had last year was fantastic even prior to the LBJ rumors and all that. People posted some great info.
  2. duc15

    duc15 ppprrrrrrr

    hopefully this is a safe haven

    POWESHOW Social Critic

    Come to Golden State, Greg Oden.
  4. Illinihockey

    Illinihockey New Member

    Might as well title this thread, see you in 2013.
  5. Nuggets-
    UPDATE No. 3: Further indicating that Nene may stay in Denver, Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News has this: "Denver is not looking to sign-and-trade Nene and two NBA sources say that the Nuggets, who already have an abundance of small guards, are not interested in [Monta] Ellis."

    Wallace told the Associated Press this recently: "I'm leaning more towards coming back. It's just a matter of getting myself healthy and getting ready to play."

    According to the San Jose Mercury News, Warriors guard Monta Ellis would like to stay with Golden State, but if he does get traded he prefers it's to a contending team like the Chicago Bulls.

    One trade that would a work is a swap of Ellis for Luol Deng, however the Bulls probably wouldn't do that.

    While talking to the media on Friday, new head coach Mark Jackson said he wants Ellis on the team.

    Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob says all the Ellis rumors lately are simply not true.

    "I can't believe where all this is coming from because the stories are completely fabricated, by you or whoever. I don't know who's fabricating them," he told the San Jose Mercury News. "They're fabrications, complete and utter. All these teams that supposedly have talked to us. It's not true. It's just not true.

    Lacob then added, "I'm not saying we haven't had any discussions, we have. But it's nothing like what's being reported. We all really like Monta Ellis a lot. We think he's a great player. The question will be, like with every other player on the team -- is there someone we think makes more sense, that could be better, make us a better team?"

    With Andre Iguodala on the trade block this week, there's another team that has reportedly thrown its hat in the ring: Orlando.

    From Steve Kyler of HOOPSWORLD: "Iguodala has been linked to the Orlando Magic in a deal built around Hedo Turkoglu and Jameer Nelson, although sources near the 76ers say that's the least attractive offer they have received."

    The Magic are looking to bring in pieces around Dwight Howard in an effort to get him to stick around. But if the Sixers are looking for an athletic big in return for Iguodala as ESPN's Marc Stein has tweeted, the Magic may need to offer up either Brandon Bass or Howard -- neither of which seems all too likely.
  6. would be 2012 but point still stands
  7. 20/20/20/20

    20/20/20/20 something tasteful but not too bland

  8. TTgator91

    TTgator91 New Member

    CP3 to NY will be the biggest of the summer
  9. Jpripper88

    Jpripper88 Chryst and Saban

    afallingbomb told us we are not to discuss any possible personnel moves until the new CBA is settled.

    Mods please delete this thread.
  10. duc15

    duc15 ppprrrrrrr

  11. Illinihockey

    Illinihockey New Member

    Heard there is a lot of talk about the Bulls trying to get Jamal Crawford, but since there is no new CBA its a moot point.

    POWESHOW Social Critic

    I can't even fathom a scenerio where this is possible but entertain me if you know of any plzzz
  13. Sam Elliott

    Sam Elliott Job title: Assistant Bouncer at the Double Deuce

    Do not want Deng for Ellis
  14. ZeroPointZero

    ZeroPointZero West Coast

    LaPhonso Ellis is a free agent, not sure if I wanna bring him back because he's gonna be expensive
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  15. jwpearl

    jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    I can't see how the Bulls would get Monta Ellis without giving up Deng, which they won't

    Huh. He might be the biggest ballhog in the league, not sure how that works with Rose dominating the ball. But it'd be interesting.

    POWESHOW Social Critic

    Every post ITT should end with this but since there is no new CBA its a moot point.

    POWESHOW Social Critic

    Bulls should sign Michael Redd and see if there is ANYTHING left in the tank but since there is no new CBA its a moot point.
  18. TheDawson

    TheDawson New Member

    Does anybody think Monta Ellis is worth trading for?
  19. duc15

    duc15 ppprrrrrrr


    POWESHOW Social Critic

    Absolutely, but not for the price it would take to get him from a championship-caliber team but since there is no new CBA its a moot point.
  21. Handcuffed

    Handcuffed Fan of: The 'Fan of' section Staff Member

    we're matching anything he gets anywhere
  22. ZeroPointZero

    ZeroPointZero West Coast

    I'm only gonna post about sim league moves until AFB gives everyone the go-ahead to talk about the subject at hand
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  23. Illinihockey

    Illinihockey New Member

    The Bulls need another ball hog. The problem with their team is that they don't have a single player that can create offense except for Rose. Crawford can give you that at the 2 and can spell Derrick at point when needed.
  24. Someone is going to overpay big time for Jamal Crawford. I agree with Powe about Redd though.
  25. Topper Bottoms

    Topper Bottoms Capt. USS Rough Service

    Sonics need a post presence. Lot of picks and cap space. Look for a move to happen soon
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    POWESHOW Social Critic

    Yeah I'm sure but since there is no new CBA its a moot point.
  27. DeToxRox

    DeToxRox Flummoxed Staff Member

    I think a team should sign Rodney Stuckey to a deal so retarded even Joe wouldn't match it.

    Oh wait, that kind of deal doesn't exist.
  28. afb

    afb Spoiler Alert: Pawnee, IN may not be on a map.

  29. jwpearl

    jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    Yeah the Bulls need a 2, but they'd almost have to do it via trade. See no way they have the money to drop on a legit free agent.
  30. gowolverines8

    gowolverines8 New Member

    Curious to see what the nuggets will do, lots of free agents. Hopefully we ship Felton's ass off to.
  31. Druce

    Druce Meaghan Rees handles balls better than Tommy.

    I hope Steve Smith dies in a fire.
  32. jwpearl

    jwpearl I shall fetch a rug

    btw I <3 this topic, last years was great
  33. OopsPowSurprise

    OopsPowSurprise just a messy bitch who loves drama

    I wonder if Dallas Comegys is still gonna sign the minimum, he's worth much more than that.
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  34. MG2

    MG2 No judgement in brainstorming


    When Stuckey wasn't telling Kuester to go fuck himself, he was probably the second best player on the team. If they dump Hamilton and/or Gordon, I'd be in favor of him coming back. If they don't, he really doesn't make much sense. I can't see his value being very high, though. Could see him just signing the tender for one year.
  35. kylebw7

    kylebw7 New Member

    Love Da Sheed hope this is true
  36. ZeroPointZero

    ZeroPointZero West Coast

    even Otis Smith couldn't screw that up
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  37. DeToxRox

    DeToxRox Flummoxed Staff Member

    He increased his value by quite a bit with his play at the end of the year. Seems like he is destined to be a team cancer though. If we cut bait with Rip and Tay (Tay is all but assured at this point) and get out of BG's contract, I could tolerate him coming back as a fucking 2 guard. Hate him running the point though. Tay leaving has nothing to do with his position of course; just need to get him away from the rest of the cancer.
  38. dump

    dump Eating so much pussy I'm shittin clits, son

    Raptors need to blow it up
  39. OopsPowSurprise

    OopsPowSurprise just a messy bitch who loves drama

    Will the Blazers buy out Glen Rice?
  40. Ben Wallace
  41. Also, Dwight Howard hasn't spoken to Magic GM Otis Smith ina few weeks and instead has been speaking directly to ownership. Take it fwiw
  42. ZeroPointZero

    ZeroPointZero West Coast

    heard Arvydas Sabonis is close to purchasing a team
  43. kylebw7

    kylebw7 New Member

    fuck me my mind is blown tonight...guess I shouldn't admit this but I'm so happy Lebron took the L that I'm celebrating right now with some favors
  44. MG2

    MG2 No judgement in brainstorming

    Wish it was Sheed. I hated his attitude the last few years, but I miss that son of a bitch.
  45. duc15

    duc15 ppprrrrrrr

    They are in the process :twocents:
  46. <3 that cocksucker so much.
  47. ksim14

    ksim14 New Member

    I wonder what moves Jackson will make this offseason. Im indifferent on keeping Ellis, wouldn't mind shipping him to make us better but would be fine with keeping him too.
  48. MG2

    MG2 No judgement in brainstorming

    Just watched these youtube highlights the other day and went through Sheed withdrawal.
  49. Zap Branigan

    Zap Branigan I suffer from a very sexy learning disability.

    cp3 to the magic :dealwithit:
  50. Topper Bottoms

    Topper Bottoms Capt. USS Rough Service

    Sheed will not be going anywhere
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