***OFFICIAL HIMYM Thread*** The finale of the best thread ever.

Discussion in 'TV Board' started by MK 3rds, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. James the Saint WE SEC NOW

    I refuse to give up :rockin:

    Tonight's episode was solid.
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  2. ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    I thought tonight was pretty good. Can't believe Belding and That Black Guy are doing bit roles on TV, and I loved the Wire reference at the end. LILY COMIN'!
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    Court scenes were incredibly bad.
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  4. Dr. Jan Itor Wankin for Franklin

    havent watched yet this season, worth catching up?
  5. James the Saint WE SEC NOW

    If you've already managed to do that much already, probably not.
  6. Xander Crews You people and your slight differences disgust me

    I'll say it, this show is pretty terrible now. I'm committed to end most likely, and I laugh occasionally but as a whole, it's gone way downhill.

    And this is coming from someone who loved it from episode 1.
  7. chanman Worth 6 million googles

    Brad is a reliable guest star in that role and I liked The Wire reference. The childhood badass thing was dumb though.
  8. Beowulf69 I can't swim but the fall will probably kill me

  9. ~ taylor ~ И ам нот фриендс витх Пелицан.

    I'm pretty good at only half-paying attention to this show, which makes it a better show.
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  10. Sportfan From Six to Dumptime

    idk at this point anything that doesn't advance to overall arch just kind of falls flat for me

    all we got last night was a puzzled look on Robin's face at the end, I need more to stay involved. I'm not even watching for the comedy anymore because it's just such a steep drop-off from where the show once was. I just want to know how it ends.
  11. duc15 Run through the tape

    this show is beating to death the "I love him/her but they don't want me so i'm moving on but now they love me and I don't want them" storyline.
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  12. Jigga XIII

    "How I Met Your Mother" will air an all-new episode on Channel 5 in Tempe on Monday night, and now fans are being given a look at the episode. On Thursday, Nov. 29, Spoiler TV shared the photos released for "How I Met Your Mother" episode 8.09 titled "Lobster Crawl." Check out the photos here. If you missed any of the previously released photos or spoilers for this series, go here.
    On this episode, Robin will do whatever she needs to do in order to get Barney back, and Ted will have his own issues that he looks to baby Marvin for help with.
    View slideshow: How I Met Your Mother 8.09 Photos
    As for the series, there is still a possibility of one more season of this series, and the cast is ready for it if the network decides to go ahead with a ninth season. E! Online revealed the following recently:

    Will HIMYM get a ninth season?

    Photo credit:

    "That is still up in the air, and we probably won't get a definitive answer until the new year, but it seems like the actors are on board to do one more. When we were onset recently. Alyson Hannigan told us: "This is the greatest job I've ever had. I'd like it to work out." Josh Radnor seems to be content with either decision. "I think if every party can work something out, including the writers, we might do another season or we might be done this season," he says. "Either way, it feels like we'll have had a really nice run on television." Do you guys want one more season
  13. Jigga XIII

    “How I Met Your Mother” gave us a rare two-part episode at the end of last season, and it is interesting in that both parts of “The Magician’s Code” are really going to be remembered mostly for one thing: Barney proposing to Quinn. Now, we have another two-parter officially coming up this season, and the question that we have to ask is pretty simple: are Barney and Robin getting together going to be at the center of it?
    Well, know this. The upcoming eleventh and twelfth episodes of the show’s eighth season have undergone a title change, and are now going to be known as “The Final Page,” part 1 and part 2. Really, there are only two possible interpretations that we can think of when it comes to why executive producers Craig Thomas and Carter Bays would use these:

    1. This is some sort of indication that these two aforementioned characters may have finally made it to the end of their romantic journey together. All of the evidence is building to the two finally getting together again, and they are now in a place where it could actually happen.
    2. It’s also possible that this could be Ted arriving potentially at the final page of his journey before meeting the mother, which could mean the arrival of his new girlfriend played by Abby Elliot. Like with Barney and Quinn last year, this is a relationship that we found out about long before filming started, but we have been waiting ever since to see when the journey will begin.
    We are hoping that the title is in no way a possible indication that this could indeed by the comedy’s final season; while most of the cast has expressed an interest in doing one more year, the decision is still in limbo thanks to financing and other assorted issues.
  14. D. Silver People should talk less.

    Can someone post some hot photo's of Lily from seasons 1-4ish to life our spirits?

    Thank you.
  15. Jigga XIII

    Show Spoiler
  16. Reggie Washington bulldawgs, braves, beer, burgers, bitches

    Trying to remember when she didnt actually look like shit?
  17. Fusiontegra Yeah, but how do you feel about Faulkner?

    I still love her.
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  18. chanman Worth 6 million googles

    Oh my at Robin in this episode.
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  19. bags America Fuck Yeah

    :fap: :fap: :fap: :moar:
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  20. chanman Worth 6 million googles

    Let me just repeat that following the lingerie shot.
  21. zeberdee the city is my church

    the fuck have they done to Barney?
  22. chanman Worth 6 million googles

  23. Sportfan From Six to Dumptime

    Robin as Lara Croft was incredibly sexy

    rest of episode was horrendous, what the fuck are they doing?
  24. James the Saint WE SEC NOW

    I didn't think it was possible for a show to "progress" this fucking slow. At this point I kinda hope there isn't a ninth season, this shit needs to get wrapped up.
  25. NP13 MC OG

    outside of Robin and brobibs, one of the worst they've done.

    Yeah I don't want a 9th season at all. Just end it.
  27. prerecordedlive Fan of: hoofball, good hair, two-footed tackles

    We're what, halfway through this season and have nothing but a overhead train station shot of the mother. Move it the fuck along. We're all getting fed up.
  28. TobiasFunke-Analrapist Let's get re-chard-ed

    Finally all the way caught up after I started a few months ago.

    That last episode was horrendous. Lilly is a cunt, robin is an annoying whore and Ted is the biggest pussy on the planet. The fact that I really like this show is a testament to how great Barney and Marshall are. I wanna quit watching but I'll soldier through.

    I thought the complaints of this year were a bit exaggerated but after seeing that steaming pile of dog shit, I can't defend it. I'll begrudgedly continue to watch and I'm sure there will be some laughs but holy shit this show has tanked.
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  29. MassNole Black Jesus > Jesus

    When exactly did this show jump the shark?
  30. pennstate2012 Wankin' for Franklin

    I was actually thinking this. At some point, they started focusing more on the characters' storylines and less on outside influences. I will say the jump happened around Marshall's dad's death.
  31. D. Silver People should talk less.

    MOAR Robin half naked, less fat Lilly.
  32. James the Saint WE SEC NOW

    Agreed, it was definitely some time in season 6.
  33. MK 3rds Air Power!

    Whatever happened to Teds sister? Presumably she still lives in NYC.
  34. MassNole Black Jesus > Jesus

    I don't ever recall a show going from so good to so awful so quickly. Ending it this season is the only humane thing to do.
  35. Beeds07 Youre a pro. Look at me...Pro

    The show has been going downhill, but I really think it jumped it last year when Ted reprofessed his love for Robin. It was really out of place and seemed to me that they were kinda lost on where to go with the show. From there, its kinda felt like they were just throwing "filler" out there, but they have to realize it is time to move forward with the actual premise of the show.

    Its sad that on Mondays I look more forward to repeats than the new episodes. Its stagnant right now, but my appreciation for the earlier shows makes me stay with it.
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  36. OopsPowSurprise science

    it jumped the shark like season 5 when you were still going through the bullshit to meet the mother

    just end it already CBS
  37. MassNole Black Jesus > Jesus

    That was pretty bad. It just seems like they've trapped themselves with the current storylines. Ted can't meet Mother until Barney and Robin get married (which ignores them never being referred to as a couple by Ted to the children, but I digress) and they aren't reallymoving that forward in a timely manner.
  38. Jigga XIII

    It's like they let EJ Manuel write the story
  39. OopsPowSurprise science

    or Leonard Hamilton
  40. Jigga XIII

    No, Barney wouldn't score nearly as much
  41. CBH New Member

    Yeah I think it has been going downhill since robin and Barney started dating all the way back in like season 4
  42. TobiasFunke-Analrapist Let's get re-chard-ed

    Robin sparkles/glitter episode was on fx today. Really liked that one
  43. MK 3rds Air Power!

    Best episode.
  44. Jean-Ralphio CEO @ Entertainment 720 #flushedwithcash

    yup Barney and Robin was when it started to go down. Marshall's dad dying was when it jumped the shark.

    AND WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA WITH MICKEY? gotta be one of the least funny characters in the history of Comedy TV.
  45. bags America Fuck Yeah

  46. MassNole Black Jesus > Jesus

    ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Renewal Deadline Looms: Will The Cast Return?

    By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Friday December 7, 2012 @ 5:00pm PSTTags: Carter Bays, CBS, David Shore, How I Met Your Mother

    Exactly a year ago, David Shore, creator/executive producer of Fox’s dramaHouse was pushing the network to make a decision on the future of the show by the end of 2011 so he can give it a proper ending if faced with cancellation. At the time, House was in its eighth season, with Shore and star Hugh Laurie’s contracts coming up. Fox and producing studio Universal TV didn’t have a license fee deal for another season. The network didn’t make a decision by end of December as Shore wished, but by the beginning of February, the verdict was in - House would end its run after eight seasons.

    Fast forward a year to this week. CBS‘ comedy How I Met Your Mother is in Season 8 and the last year of its current license deal with the network, with the contracts of creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays and the cast all up at the end of the season. Like Shore, Thomas and Bays had requested a decision to be made by the end of this month because of the overarching mythology of the show, which needs to begin building toward the big mother reveal when an end date is set. Three weeks before the end of the year, there is activity on all three fronts — talks are underway between CBS and HIMYM producer 20th Century Fox TV as well as between 20th TV and Thomas and Bays and between the studio and reps for the series’ stars, Jason Segel, Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan.
    CBS has been open about its desire to bring HIMYM for another season. “We want the show to come back next year,” the network’s entertainment president Nina Tasslersaid in August. “We’re not there yet in terms of resolving the situation, but we’re pretty optimistic.” It appears that the studio, 20th TV, and Thomas & Bays are also open to the idea of another season. But what about the cast? A virtual unknown when the show launched in 2005, Segel has seen his feature career take off over the past seven years. I hear that as of now, Segel has indicated that it is unlikely for him to return. He has not shut the door though.

    In another walk down TV memory lane, in 2003 the deals of the Friends cast were coming up after the ninth season, and star Jennifer Aniston was public about her desire to leave and focus on her feature career. But ultimately she and the rest of the cast signed on for an abbreviated 10th and final season that would bag everyone a huge payday. Like the Friends‘ cast, the HIMYM quintet is a very tight group, with the actors supporting each other. So it is not inconceivable, in a sign of camaraderie, for Segel to agree to a (possibly abbreviated) final season.
    CBS and 20th TV both have good track record in completing complex negotiations. CBS has been able to bring back Two And A Half Men, also from an outside studio (Warner Bros.), several times in down-to-the-wire negotiations. And 20th TV has successfully renewed the deals with the casts of its top series after sometime contentious negotiations. With its Monday lineup taking a hit this fall facing competition from The Voice and suffering from the move of Two And A Half Men to Thursday, it is important for CBS to secure HIMYM for another season, especially as another tough negotiation with Warner Bros. for Men is coming up.
  47. Jean-Ralphio CEO @ Entertainment 720 #flushedwithcash

    KILL IT!!!
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  48. MK 3rds Air Power!

    I could live with a 13-ep final season.
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  49. Halberstram Droppin' science like Galileo dropped the orange

    Great episode Monday night, could of been in one of the earlier seasons
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  50. prerecordedlive Fan of: hoofball, good hair, two-footed tackles

    Totally over this fat bitch. But not Robin yelling at her.

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