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Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by racer, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

    Your best odds are the pass line & 6/8.

    That is pretty much what I do. If the point is on the 6/8 I usually double up on which ever it isn't on. I don't do many of the single roll bets. Like your idea of throwing money on hard 6/8.
  2. Nole0515 New Member

    this is what I do until I get drunk and start making crazy bets
  3. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

    Start putting big money on the 4/10 hoping to get lucky?
  4. DistantFactor Sesquipedalian

    Craziest drunk bet in craps I have ever seen involed me as the shooter with the point on 6. Guy stumbles up to the table and asks me if I'm going to hit the Field. I'm hammered so I guaranteed it.

    He threw $600 on the Field and I rolled a 12. Guy scooped up his $2400, table paid 3:1 for a twelve roll on a field bet, and stumbled off.
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  5. GoodForAnother the good guys dress in black remember that

    always on the pass line and 6/8 to start off... if the point is on 6 or 8 I'll play the 9 instead of the point

    if the shooter starts warming up then I'll put some out on the 5, 9 and 10 as well so I'm just getting paid on every roll

    then I start doing come bets to try to get odds on as many numbers as I can

    I like two-way hardways when it's on 6 and 8 but that's the only bet I'll make in the middle of the table...like you said it's a retarded bet but it's just fun to do, especially the two-way because the dealers like it and get involved
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  6. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

    That's awesome. Dude should've thrown you a $100 chip for that.

    When I get drunk and bored with the monotony of BJ I start betting way over my bank roll and typically lose. I lost back to back $250 hands of BJ the last time I was in AC. Then stumbled over to a 3 card table and won it all back on my first hand hitting a straight flush.

    Lots of ups and downs in gambling.
  7. GoodForAnother the good guys dress in black remember that

    damn, asshole should've given you a cut for that

    field is a retarded bet imo
  8. GoodForAnother the good guys dress in black remember that

    I should also mention that whenever a :w2d: is rolling I pretty much double my normal bets
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  9. Capstone 88 Going hard in the paint

    I need to learn some more games other than Roulette
  10. GoodForAnother the good guys dress in black remember that

    yeah you do
  11. phunkybuck Your pennies have been in my ass

    how hard is craps to pick up? i don't want to be the asshole who doesn't know what he's doing. i usually stick with bj and poker
  12. Capstone 88 Going hard in the paint

    In my defense I've been to a casino once.
  13. GoodForAnother the good guys dress in black remember that

    it is intimidating at first, but this will probably help to read


    if the table isn't too busy then the dealer won't mind teaching you
  14. phunkybuck Your pennies have been in my ass

  15. Nole0515 New Member

    horn and fire and hard bets along with betting 4 of the 6 numbers
  16. Nole0515 New Member

    play for free online
  17. phunkybuck Your pennies have been in my ass

    got a good laugh from these tips, but will respectfully abide

    • Don't listen to the advice of the other players, especially those betting anything in the middle of the table.
    • Blend in with, but do not interact with, the other players. Never say the word "seven," except on a come out roll, because it is considered bad luck by many. I know it is irrational and superstitious, but why draw attention to yourself by saying it?
    • If you are playing for the first time don't announce this if you are male. Male virgins to the game are said to be unlucky, and the opposite for females. This is evidently because virginity is despised in men and valued in women.
  18. TN-a-key Titans, Vols, Preds, Grizz, Ken Griffey Jr.

    First time I played craps, I was rolling forever and hit a fire bet

    I had no clue what it was (still don't really)

    I was hammered of course but won a ton of money and got a million tips from everyone around me banking off my hot streak

    Bittersweet night/morning
  19. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

    First time I rolled I was nervous to throw the dice and of course I was at the far end of the table. One die smashed into and knocked over a stack of the bank/dealer and the other flew off the table. Laughed it off and threw again.
  20. Nole0515 New Member

    for 2 days I stood next to this guy at PH, about an hour a piece. he lost 15k in those 2 hours. he was not happy. but he was a wearing this
    so im sure that was small change
  21. GoodForAnother the good guys dress in black remember that

    especially on the second one. do NOT say the word seven, ever, it's retarded, but people will hate you and want to hurt you.
  22. Nole0515 New Member

    some douche did this while he was rolling and was betting against the pass
  23. GoodForAnother the good guys dress in black remember that

    fucking RAGE
  24. Fuck people who bet the Don't
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  25. ochosissoko cradle of fuckin civilization

    I hate when people play the pass. fuck people playing against the table.

    I bet pretty much exactly how GFA does, I will also play the come bet once i start getting money.
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  26. racer Fuck Tucker, Tucker sucks.

    That's just like, your opinion, man.
  27. Handcuffed Fan of: The 'Fan of' section

    pass line, max the odds when point is out, and then i play the come bet (and max the odds on numbers when they get up there) 2-3 times (3 if up, 2 if down, if way down just play the pass + odds on it)
  28. FriendsofJtyler Clemson, CAPS

    Headed to Vegas for my first trip the weekend of June 15-17 for my buddy's bachelor party (9 of us going).

    Got on Spirit Air's email list to see if they have any deals on flights (I'm coming from Dallas) otherwise will probably book soon through kayak.

    We are still looking for hotels. All of us are in the 22-26 year old range and want to stay somewhere on the strip. Definitely want to do the gambling/strip club/pool drinking/partying thing like most bachelor parties.

    What would be your recommendations on hotels? :heythere:
  29. psimp7 New Member

    Depends on price, if money is an issue I'd say the best bang for your buck is Flamingo. If money isn't an issue there are much better options.
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  30. beerleagueman New Member

    The Cosmopolitan and if that's too much, Planet Hollywood is a good choice for that age range...really anything on that block of the Strip(Flamingo & Caesars) is a good choice to be in the middle of it all and bounce around.
  31. Nole0515 New Member

    I would recommend not using Spirit. its a shithole of a airline and you dont save much or any money at all. also what they said about hotels you have plenty of options high or low end
  32. beerleagueman New Member

    yeah have never heard a good thing about Spirit. flying out of Dallas check with SouthWest or AA since it's one of their hubs
  33. BhamBammer Barvin'

  34. BhamBammer Barvin'

  35. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

    Quick story. So Friday night in AC I was dominating blackjack. Straight killing it. Every solid bet was hitting. $200 bet, doubled down, dealer busted every time. Was on fucking fire. I had ~2400 in chips off a 200 start. Pumped thinking all of my winnings can go to Vegas for my bachelor party. Then I became a fucking IDIOT. Lost 3 straight 200 hands. I get angry. Then lost a 300 hand. FUCK. Then lost a 500 hand. FUCK. Had a grand left. Pushed it all. Friends were all "WED, don't do that. Take that out. That is stupid" Dealer even confirmed my bet then called "Table Max Bet" I got a 13 and dealer had a face card. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK. I think I got a 4, so there was a chance w/ me sitting at 17. Bitch turns over 16....then pulls a FUCKING FIVE!!!!!! ON A 1000 FUCKING HAND. I sat silent for about 5 minutes. Then went to the ATM and got $400. Came back and lost two straight $200 hands. It was early, bout 1:30 and I just said fuck all this shit and went to bed. I lost ~2400 over 6 hands. Then another 400 in 2. :facepalm:
  36. BhamBammer Barvin'

    Who is this dumbass?
  37. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

  38. BhamBammer Barvin'

    Looked like a copy paste job. Great poster, bad decision. I've made foolish decisions in casinos too :respek:
  39. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

    Yeah, emailed my buddy the story and c/p'd it from gmail with some edits for names. Bad move on my part. Hard to walk away when you're winning. Even harder when you're up and you start to lose. Even worse after drinking for 8 hours.
  40. Capstone 88 Going hard in the paint

    Sounds like you have a gambling problem, WED.
  41. Where Eagles Dare Christ - Family - Money

    I have a "can't walk away from the table when I'm winning" problem.
  42. Nole0515 New Member

    I have the same "problem" Its a good problem to have if your having one of those I can never lose moments, but sucks when you lose it all back
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  43. Nole0515 New Member

  44. BhamBammer Barvin'

    No high horses should be itt, it's a fucking Vegas thread. I'm the same way
  45. BhamBammer Barvin'

    It is impossible to rationalize the true value of a dollar in a casino. During a regular day, I'll pick up every single penny on the ground I see. I'll also get water most time I'm out to eat. (other than an occasional good beer) A five dollar chip to me in the casino is practically a penny. I have no problem going to a casino and losing money but I freak out over bar tabs over 40 bucks. It makes no damn sense
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  46. cal BOATS

    usually stand by the rule that if i'm 10x what i started with i'm off the table
  47. racer Fuck Tucker, Tucker sucks.

    I used to just play without worrying about how much money I had left and it killed me. My strategy now is to put my wins into a stack to play with and then put my buy aside. If I lose I'll take say 75% aside and play with the other 25%. Once I'm up I put more and more away and play on house money, usually pretty effective for me. It's almost ratholing, but with BJ, craps, etc.

    When I lose I use the same strategy, but only pull so much out at a time and have a loss limit. Craps is harder for me to stop, though. I usually won't play $10 BJ but I'll have $50+ on any given craps roll.

    But yeah, I'll feel shitty about a $10 lunch, but in a casino red chips are indeed like pennies. Fuck casinos, they can all go straight to hell.
  48. Hank Scorpio Globex Corporation, Philanthropist, Supervillain

    I've never stayed there, so I have no idea if this is a shit recommendation or not, but Monte Carlo seems to usually have one of the lower prices on the strip and is in a pretty good location. I've stayed at Flamingo and Mandalay Bay and thought both were great. Mandalay Bay is at the beginning of the strip though, so its kind of a shitty location. Next time I go I would probably stay at Flamingo again, or after seen it recommended so often, do Planet Hollywood.
  49. racer Fuck Tucker, Tucker sucks.

    I really liked Flamingo. Had a good room, the casino isn't great, but you're right in the middle of everything and the Margaritaville part is nice. It's really well priced in relation to PHo and Caesars or any MGM places. The pool is pretty good, and if you're not big on having fine dining on site then you're golden IMO. The GO rooms are on par with the other places.

    Stay away from IP, it's a shithole. It's not a pleasant place to be inside. Excalibur has nicer rooms, but the rest of the place sucks. MC is a decent choice, but it will be a little more expensive. Someone has mentioned it before, I'd stay at the new trop if the price was right.

    Do you want cheap? Nice, but affordable? All out baller status? I hate when people just ask for hotel recommendations without any parameters. Most are good, just depends what you're looking for.
  50. FriendsofJtyler Clemson, CAPS

    Thanks for the thoughts. Sorry about that, I should have been more descriptive in what we are looking for. I would say "nice, but affordable" would be what we want.

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