Lady Gaga before she was famous

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by hipsterjoe, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. hipsterjoe

    hipsterjoe “I’m jacking off, but I don’t need to ejaculate.”

  2. Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie Top Lad

    Didn't recognize her outside of the egg. Seriously tho she looks good there, like the dark hair alot better.
  3. Barves2125

    Barves2125 Если вы будете сопротивлятÑ

    Hipsters always talking about people before they were famous.
  4. JonathanCoachman

    JonathanCoachman The Coach

    I guess it turns out that she was indeed not born that way.
  5. OHW

    OHW I certainly could have gotten into GA Southern

    before she put on her pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa poker face
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  6. Dwight Schrute

    Dwight Schrute 7 out of every 10 attacks are from the rear.

    Came to make this joke
  7. EdmondDantes

    EdmondDantes Both winner in league and apparently at life, haha Staff Member

    she was really hot in the poker face video

    from there everything came crashing down

    Show Spoiler

    would have fucked
  8. Arrec Bardwin

    Arrec Bardwin The purest of hebrews

    So when did she look like this?

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  9. NoleNBlue

    NoleNBlue Ya happy now, bitch?

    according to a couple of those, obama is the only candidate fighting for the middle class. my hippo yaofaced the fuck out of that.
  10. marcus

    marcus Sex with old ladies for money, and bear traps.

    In the Telephone video she does some dance in her underwear and looks sexy as hell.
  11. Rape Ape

    Rape Ape six foot twenty fucking killing for fun

    more like before she got into hard drugs
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    ANTWONE Hello

    She looks super sexy in the snl skit she did with Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg
  13. Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie Top Lad

    She looks good in the parts as Susanne Somers in this skit

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  14. Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie Top Lad

    You bastard, I would have beaten you if I didn't take the time to re-watch it first.
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  15. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne Billionaire Playboy

  16. Blane

    Blane 3x Nat'l Champions 1948 - 1950 - 1981

    And now she focuses on being hot in the eyes of gays.
  17. Sam Elliott

    Sam Elliott Job title: Assistant Bouncer at the Double Deuce

    Too bad she saw a gigantic market for playing a weirdo musician and now she makes million on it.
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  18. Beanh8er

    Beanh8er Get the cock out of your ear, Dumbfuck.

    Wow. She looked really good in those pictures.
  19. Zap Branigan

    Zap Branigan I suffer from a very sexy learning disability.

    too bad before she wanted everyone to look at her she was still wanting people to look at her
  20. GuyOnA_Buffalo

    GuyOnA_Buffalo Orphans, Cougars & What Not

    Came for the penis photos.
  21. Jean-Ralphio

    Jean-Ralphio A real toe-tapper

    she looked pretty good in her first music video. The one before pokerface I can't remember the song. it went down from there... FAST!
  22. Blane

    Blane 3x Nat'l Champions 1948 - 1950 - 1981

    She or her record company. She's a marketing product. But a good one and I'm super jelly of all involved.

    Show Spoiler
    and I like some of her songs...
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  23. Handcuffed

    Handcuffed Fan of: The 'Fan of' section Staff Member

    dont listen to her music, but i think shes pretty talented and shes making a lot of money acting all weird so its whatever
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  24. dallasdawg

    dallasdawg does the tin man have a sheet metal cock? Staff Member

    would smash all over that piano
  25. Harrison Cougars

    Harrison Cougars New Member

    Just another MK-Ultra Sex Kitten that was used up by her handlers at age 14 and pushed into the music industry.

    Pretty soon they'll kill her off like Winehouse.
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  26. $abear

    $abear New Member

    Dat nose.
  27. NoleNBlue

    NoleNBlue Ya happy now, bitch?

    her record company put out an ad in the village voice for "androgynous singers". what you see now is the end product.
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  28. afb

    afb Spoiler Alert: Pawnee, IN may not be on a map.

    this needs more attention
  29. Dan Patrick

    Dan Patrick New Member

    Id hit it then and now :awesomeface:
  30. AlexanderTheGreat

    AlexanderTheGreat High Tide

    Would stab. Then, now, and forever
  31. The Official MassNole

    The Official MassNole The only good Gator is a dead Gator

    Any nudes from before she was famous?
  32. Hoss Bonaventure

    Hoss Bonaventure Chickadeedeedee little birdie, let's dance

    I'd pa pa pa pa put it in her ass
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  33. kennypowers

    kennypowers Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets

  34. friedskillet

    friedskillet It's not a lie if you believe it.

  35. Dan Patrick

    Dan Patrick New Member

    Ive stuck my dick in worse so sure why not
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