I wish I was on the New York Giants

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by bro, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. bro Hey BROther....

  2. NoleNBlue Ya happy now, bitch?

    Blended scotch is for fags.

    Team single malt
  3. OopsPowSurprise science

    that's funny op, because i wish you were on the 1970 Marshall football team
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  4. bro Hey BROther....

    too soon
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  5. og543ss 0/10. Shitty troll. I ain't even mad. #TeamOutlaw

    you wish you werent 18
  6. IV New Member

    Big fan of single malt, but to each his own

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  8. ochosissoko cradle of fuckin civilization

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  9. Mo New Member

    $220 bottle = working man's drink. I guess that's why youre a backup, Tollefson.
  10. IV New Member

    In his defense it probably takes an incredible amount of work to stay on an NFL football team :twocents:
  11. OopsPowSurprise science

    no... that would probably be a comment made by a starter
  12. NoleNBlue Ya happy now, bitch?

    Starter or backup, nobody should put coke in $220 alcohol :twocents:
  13. OopsPowSurprise science

    well duh

    i'm just saying his logic is off

    i rarely put any coke in my liquors unless they're well anyway, either rocks or neat for me
  14. NoleNBlue Ya happy now, bitch?

    What kind of coke?
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  15. broXcore headphone bleed make the shit sound real

    oh don't you fucking do this
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  16. OopsPowSurprise science

    whiskey and ginger ale, usually my fallback
    dark rum and coke, rare
    vodka is for fruits and i hate it
    gin and tonic, if i'm daydrinking

    oh and tequila for shots
  17. OopsPowSurprise science

    you saw what i tweeted you a couple weeks back, right? i shit you not my prof actually referenced that fucking map
  18. broXcore headphone bleed make the shit sound real

    oh christ i completely forgot to respond, but yeah i got a pretty great laugh out of that. i don't know what i would do if a professor used that in class.
  19. Mo New Member

    Vodka is for fruits? Why don't you go around saying that in Moscow. I'd give it ten minutes before a man named Boris pummels your face in
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  20. OopsPowSurprise science

    i was stunned

    i was taking notes and thought to myself, "i've seen this before" then just started laughing
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  21. Mo New Member

    If you compare his GP with his number of starts, he's a backup.
  22. OopsPowSurprise science

    you're from jersey you really don't have any legitimate input whatsoever

    and you dumbass, the 200 dollar bottle of alcohol is what i was talking about, someone who spends more money would put coke in JWB, fuck his stats idgaf about that
  23. Mo New Member

    Just admit there's nothing wrong with unflavored vodka
  24. spagett Got ya, spooked ya

    Pretty queer thing to get stingy about.
  25. NoleNBlue Ya happy now, bitch?

  26. Rory Breaker Your stupidity may be your one saving grace.

    Vodka is the best.

    Allows you to get fucked up incredibly fast for incredibly cheap.
  27. Mo New Member

    You're right because im way too upset over it
  28. ARSENAL Goddamn lonely love

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  29. Irush New Member

  30. Doc Louis High Potentate

    Better than putting pop or soda in it.
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  31. Fusiontegra Yeah, but how do you feel about Faulkner?

    Right-click, save as...
  32. KJROD20 You don't turn your back on family.

    This. I'm Team Islay.
  33. devine hi, i am user devine

    this is so perfect for this site. that man represents every mainboarder, and those girls represent every girl that sees something on this site
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  34. BayouMafia The Michael Jordan of being a son of a bitch

    Kentucky bourbon and thank you very much
  35. AUB 2cool+2be=4gotten

    came to post something like "i wish you were too so you'd be too busy to post here" but you pretty much won
  36. Hogview Fan of the Green board, Razorbacks

    I working man's drink is Evan on the rocks.
  37. wes tegg SHUT IT DOWN.

    He probably doesn't know the difference between red and blue :twocents:. If somebody just said "Johnny Walker," I'd tend to agree with him.
  38. KJROD20 You don't turn your back on family.

    Also, I don't think any scotch should be have a mixer, except for a splash of water. Use bourbon or canadian whiskeys for that.
  39. dumplestiltskin Lover of all things

  40. wes tegg SHUT IT DOWN.

    Most of the working men around here drink Bud Light Chelada.
  41. Steve Anus Every man has a price, for the Million Dollar Man

    Love you
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  42. JonathanCoachman The Coach

    I'm sure he was thinking of Johnnie Walker Red. Huge price difference between the two.
  43. teel My team's OC can keep your food cold

    He'd be a starter on a lot of teams
  44. Wendel Clark Gambling God

  45. Mr. Bean New Member

    this gentleman... has good taste. only drink tequila in margs and i'll only take shots of whisky, but you're close to spot on.
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  46. Craig Pettis Be careful, be kind, be good, and rep your hood

    I don't want to be that douche but i know Tollefson (not very well,met him once or twice when he was a stud at NW MS but still a nobody in the general sense) and he is a country ass motherfucker. This is probably the first scotch he has ever had, maybe even heard of. Also, yes he is a backup, but on arguably the best DLine in the NFL, he would start on just about every other team in the league.

    Sorry, it just bothers me to see bro talking out of his ass (i.e. posting)

    Proceed to bash me a white knight, /lookatme, /coolstorybro, etc etc etc
  47. OopsPowSurprise science

    its basically the only way to go
  48. Doc Louis High Potentate

    Vodka tonics ok if no gin is immediately available?
  49. Buster 5000 shopping with secret coupons

    Dave Tollefson huh? My girlfriend knows him. Seems like a nice guy. Go Bearcats.
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  50. Hank Scorpio Globex Corporation, Philanthropist, Supervillain

    there aren't many things that are more classy than a dry martini. I agree that whiskey is typically the best option though.

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