Girls of the SEC

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by BamaDrew, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. BamaDrew

    BamaDrew Alabama, at least we aren't in Mississippi.


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  2. AUB

    AUB God's Poster

    :roll: @ Alabama's submissions
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    ANTWONE Hello

    The two UT chicks are smokin
  4. GeneralPaton

    GeneralPaton Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.

    not very representative of the actual talent there
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  5. BamaDrew

    BamaDrew Alabama, at least we aren't in Mississippi.

    I'm not too happy with Alabama's. The Auburn girl on the first page is nice. Her ass could turn me to an Auburn fan.
  6. UA412

    UA412 New Member Staff Member

    holy fuck those girls are ugly.
  7. AUB

    AUB God's Poster

    UGA, Ole Miss, Auburn, & USC came to play. I see Arkansas rounded up its three attractive women as well
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  8. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Homo much?

    I'd like to explain to everyone around the country that these ladies are not the best the SEC has to offer. Given the culture down here, not a lot of girls are signing up to pose nude because of the backlash it would bring.

    And Blake, Im looking at your farm girls and theyre subpar. You can tell the one far right has that redneck DNA and has a fat face. And lolasians
  9. BamaDrew

    BamaDrew Alabama, at least we aren't in Mississippi.

    Yeah whose idea was it to put the black girl with the Alabama tattoo in this issue? Come on playboy!
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  10. NinjaRXA

    NinjaRXA Kill All Humans!

    script "A" tattoo :facepalm:
  11. AUB

    AUB God's Poster

    The fake tits on the UGA girl in the 2nd panel are fantastic. The Alabama girl with the script A above her pussy to the right just slayed me
  12. TTgator91

    TTgator91 New Member

    The auburn girl on the left in the 3rd row is the baddest bitch
  13. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Homo much?

  14. hamsterdam

    hamsterdam I wish I knew how to quit you.

    Fan of: Gabrielle Rushing, representing UF
  15. Shocker

    Shocker A free born man of the USA

    Tennessee blonde holy Lord in heaven
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  16. joey jo-jo jr shabadoo

    joey jo-jo jr shabadoo at least enough to carry on

    First page South Carolina bitch is my fave. Pretty disappointing though, overall.
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  17. EdmondDantes

    EdmondDantes Both winner in league and apparently at life, haha Staff Member

    just a little houndstooth A, nothing too major
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  18. AUB

    AUB God's Poster

  19. joey jo-jo jr shabadoo

    joey jo-jo jr shabadoo at least enough to carry on

    I think we can all LOL at Miss St.'s submission. A little Buzz's girlfriend situation going on there.
  20. UA412

    UA412 New Member Staff Member

    Which fraternity throws the best parties?

    Liliana (Auburn): Lambda Chi! They have such a variety of brothers that it always makes out for such a good time.
    Jackie (Alabama): I would have to say the Alpha Kappa Psi’s throw the best parties. Everyone is so friendly and they have the best food. Everyone is invited no matter your gender, race, or greek affiliation. Really the best group of guys I’ve met.
  21. Upton^2

    Upton^2 blocked just a park away, but I can't really say

    ginger from alabama...what the fuck is that?

    pussy tattoo girl from bama is ugly as fuck too
  22. JohnLocke

    JohnLocke New Member

    what the fuck alabama
  23. TC

    TC I'm an actor for fuck's sake

    Just a little houndstooth on under the pants
  24. TigerPawMaul

    TigerPawMaul In the business of giving you the business

    Whats up with that Ole Miss girl's pancake ass? Poor choices all around.
  25. BamaDrew

    BamaDrew Alabama, at least we aren't in Mississippi.

    my thoughts exactly. I could get a camera and get better looking coeds to get naked. Definitely does not represent fully
  26. Black Falcon

    Black Falcon Carnivore and Voyeur

    Team Vandy here. Wish she would show her goodies tho. :whyioughta:
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  27. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Homo much?

    What the fuck?! Fiji, duh
  28. AUB

    AUB God's Poster

    Playboy is always hard-pressed to find a girl from the south that doesn't like blacks to pose in these issues
  29. Joshuam2107

    Joshuam2107 Flow:thirty

    faith melissa looks like she loves her some cocks
  30. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Homo much?

    Yea that's what I said
  31. Craig Pettis

    Craig Pettis You just shot him

    for whatever reason I def just opened this thread as the chief editor of the law review walked by
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  32. joey jo-jo jr shabadoo

    joey jo-jo jr shabadoo at least enough to carry on

    Should have asked him who his favorite bitch is.
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  33. Clegg

    Clegg I'm too old for this shit.

    Know the second Georgia girl Lisa Marie, around my frat house she's know as the white Russian.
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  34. Jpripper88

    Jpripper88 Chryst and Saban

    The only girls at Alabama they could get are foreigners and a ginger that hangs with Alpha Kappa Psi. Hah.
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  35. $abear

    $abear New Member

    Got the issue and was real disappointed. On the bright side, Miss November is fantastic.
  36. MANPOW

    MANPOW Junkyard Dog

    Lol at bama. And UTs are a fair representation
  37. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Homo much?

    This is the SEC, dickhead. Take your cornball shit back to the ACC
  38. Harrison Cougars

    Harrison Cougars New Member

    They can keep Kentucky.
  39. TLAU

    TLAU Dog Crew

    serious? she looks like rafael nadal
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  40. bro

    bro Hey BROther....

    Glad UT held it down

    Ole Miss pancake ass is lol
  41. HoosDaMan

    HoosDaMan Slut for the Stars

    I'm all Rocky Top. Bitch needs a boobjob though.
  42. gamecockdoc

    gamecockdoc Physician on Duty

  43. Geordi La Forge

    Geordi La Forge Unsung hero

    what the fuck fraternity did she say, do they even have a house
  44. Where Eagles Dare

    Where Eagles Dare Integrity wrapped around the creed

    USC with some big ass titties
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  45. killrbee7

    killrbee7 EMAGin' and Swaggin'

    I swear I have seen that big titty ginger somewhere
  46. Arrec Bardwin

    Arrec Bardwin The purest of hebrews

    Think thats a black fraternity
  47. Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Homo much?

    Ive never heard of it

    HOOSINSC Wants a good girl, but needs a bad pussy

    UT is only good one up there
  49. DuffandMuff

    DuffandMuff Fan Of: Tuckin' A Flask Into My Belt At FSU Games

    Bottom right USCe girl has some Rachel Nichols in her
  50. TC

    TC I'm an actor for fuck's sake

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