Calif. teacher resigns after leaving family for student

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by -Prime-, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. -Prime-

    -Prime- New Member

  2. DeToxRox

    DeToxRox Called it back in November

    If he was an art teacher he'd have been guilty of putting the pussy on an easel.
  3. Quick

    Quick Nanananana

    Why I could never teach high school.
  4. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne Billionaire Playboy

    I wouldn't have quit my job for that

    POWESHOW Social Critic

    Teacher at my high school resigned halfway through the school year and moved away with a student.
  6. CocknBalls

    CocknBalls New Member

    She got daddy issues. It was either this or stripping so, in essence, this man may have actually saved her.

    HOOSINSC ><)))*> Sorry Cocks. This is all my fault

    Dude is so smug
  8. Moxin24

    Moxin24 Its Happening

    Weird shit. Hope I never teach white kids.
  9. rodmansrage

    rodmansrage wearing a hoodie.

    fucking modesto.

    reeves nelson's hometown.
  10. Beowulf69

    Beowulf69 I can't swim but the fall will probably kill me

    So the race of the students is the only thing keeping you from pedophilia and with your wife?
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  11. Moxin24

    Moxin24 Its Happening

    :idk: Hopefully we never find out.
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  12. CocknBalls

    CocknBalls New Member

    It's funny that it wasn't too long ago that it was standard practice to marry young girls. Whatever happened to "there's somebody for a everybody?"

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    Even if that somebody is 15 year old girls
  13. Lou Holth

    Lou Holth Memory be fucked

    Need to see more pics
  14. Seavie

    Seavie Fan of: News feeds. TMB: REAL NIGGA SHIT

    For the boards sake, I hope we do. We could use a good thread.
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  15. Moxin24

    Moxin24 Its Happening

    No, actually I've never understood how a teacher could be sexually attracted to a student. I mean you're not blind, you can see that a girl is pretty but its not a sexual thing.
    Now I started teaching at 23, if I had a class full of 18 year old blonde cheerleader types (like I used to date) at that time, it could have been a little awkward if one of them said or did something. But I'm 28 now, its just unthinkable.
  16. Beowulf69

    Beowulf69 I can't swim but the fall will probably kill me

    I think we have found out just a matter of time.
  17. mc415

    mc415 El más chingon

    Molesto, Ca :shocker:
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  18. Seavie

    Seavie Fan of: News feeds. TMB: REAL NIGGA SHIT

    Just go with it man.
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  19. Beeds07

    Beeds07 Youre a pro. Look at me...Pro

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  20. Snakes

    Snakes I slept with Elaine last night

    I heard about this on the radio this morning. She isn't near as hot as I'd imagined.
  21. Goldenbear_hk_84

    Goldenbear_hk_84 Fiat Lux Baby

  22. Beeds07

    Beeds07 Youre a pro. Look at me...Pro

    I know a guy who lost his teaching job for being involved with a student. No jail time though. He was 37 and she was 17. Now three years later she is 20 and a student at Purdue and he is 40, proving more than anything how much the guys at Purdue suck. He's about 5'7 bald and dumpy but still better than any dude in Lafayette.
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    POWESHOW Social Critic

    Don't forget Lacey Peterson

    POWESHOW Social Critic

    Modesto is actually MUCH nicer than Sacramento or Stockton. Take it fwiw...
  25. The Banks

    The Banks TMB's Alaskan

    Dude's last name is Hooker. Maybe he should've went for one instead
  26. mc415

    mc415 El más chingon

    ill take midtown/old sacto/east sacto over Molesto anyday.......midtown Sacto has way better bars and restaraunts than Modesto
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  27. Blu Tang Clan

    Blu Tang Clan PC Load Letter? What the fuck does that mean?

    Fucking Central Valley. It never changes.
  28. Goldenbear_hk_84

    Goldenbear_hk_84 Fiat Lux Baby

  29. Broteen

    Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    Two steps below SF obviously but yeah there's some hidden gems. Monkey bar and Golden Bear were two favorites.

    She's going to get fat within 3 years imo
  30. TC

    TC I play the game wit #LOVE

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    HOOSINSC ><)))*> Sorry Cocks. This is all my fault

    she has a downy angie verona thing going on in that picture.
  32. mc415

    mc415 El más chingon

    I used to live on 27th and P, Monkey Bar was my drinking spot and Golden Bear was my day drinking beer spot.........also used to enjoy the Press Club
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  33. devine

    devine hi, i am user devine

    why do you judge so many dudes
  34. Beowulf69

    Beowulf69 I can't swim but the fall will probably kill me

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  35. Beeds07

    Beeds07 Youre a pro. Look at me...Pro

    Because Purdue is to me what Pitt is to you...
  36. THF

    THF We're the smartest retards in all the land


    My dad lives in Folsom, and was a cop in Sac.
  37. Beowulf69

    Beowulf69 I can't swim but the fall will probably kill me

    Might I ask, why then are you so smug?
  38. Broteen

    Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    Powehouse Pub Powerhouse Pub
  39. THF

    THF We're the smartest retards in all the land

    I actually loved Nor Cal. Part of that is probably due to only spending 3 months a year there and not living full time there. Loved being so close to Tahoe and close to Mt Shasta.
  40. Jpripper88

    Jpripper88 Chryst and Saban

    A place where people can read?
  41. MassNole

    MassNole Black Jesus > Jesus

    That guy's face needs to be a smilie.
  42. arnold palmtree

    arnold palmtree New Member

    Looks like she is missing teeth and obviously nuts with the panic attacks.
  43. MassNole

    MassNole Black Jesus > Jesus

    She looks like a girl bound for the backroom casting couch.
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  44. Broteen

    Broteen Maintaining Integrity

    If he needed a reason not to fuck one of his students (let alone leave his wife and move in with her), do it for your daughter one class younger than her and at the same school.
  45. Black Falcon

    Black Falcon Go get me a beer, bitch!

    Guy sounds a little :gays:.
  46. Goldenbear_hk_84

    Goldenbear_hk_84 Fiat Lux Baby

    I used to live near the Tower Theater, wonder if it is still there, and Andy Nguyen's restaurant. Saw Cab Calloway and a bunch of great movies over at the Crest Theater, and also there was Sam's Hof Brau downtown.
  47. vander02

    vander02 New Member


    I didn't start working at HS's until I was 26, but it's always been easy to recognize the difference between noticing a young girl is pretty and having an actual sexual attraction. Pretty easy to turn off/shut down that part of my brain, obviously that's not the case with everyone. Just don't see how someone can not immediately realize how fucking wrong that shit is.
  48. mc415

    mc415 El más chingon

    Yup Tower Theater on Broadway is still there, where i used to watch all my Indy flicks in Sacto and they still have the Tower Cafe there. Andy Nguyens still there, love their vegetarian stuff and the Crest Theatre was my second go to place for Indy and foreign flicks......they actually opened some douchey clubs/bar/pizza hot spot across the street from the Crest little over a year ago
  49. chet fire

    chet fire Man in Members Only jacket

    saw this but was waiting for thehebrew thread.
  50. bags

    bags America Fuck Yeah

    didn't watch the video, but the still has them playing on the playground, I felt the video would have only spoiled that

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