1940 census records release at 10 am est

Discussion in 'The Mainboard' started by Hogview, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Hogview

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  2. Doc Louis

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    Need more rivet heaters IYAM.
  3. shawnoc

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    But in order to check it out, we need to know what town and neighborhood our 1940 ancestors lived in...
  4. IV

    IV New Member

    You with you're problems

    also :tracing family lineage to four brothers from 1776 North Carolina smug:
  5. prerecordedlive

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    What's the reason behind waiting 70 years?
  6. Darren Rovell

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    anyone having trouble getting the pictures to load?
  7. Dirty Ears Bill

    Dirty Ears Bill You bumped me on the wrong day, motherfucker.

    Wouldn't work for me.
  8. Redav

    Redav I want to die

  9. prerecordedlive

    prerecordedlive Fan of: hoofball, good hair, two-footed tackles

    The census blows. They had 70 years to make it functional and they still blew it.
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  10. Redav

    Redav I want to die

    Agreed. Why the fuck can't you just do a simple state, city, and name search. Then the pictures don't work. It makes me fucking mad, which makes me think this is just an elaborate troll.
  11. Yanks711

    Yanks711 TMB's Hoosier

    Yea it just spins its wheels saying "preparing image" for me.
  12. Arkie Proud

    Arkie Proud I'll say what I want, when I want, motherfuckers.

  13. Football Mike

    Football Mike Please change my name back to Aaron Hernandez

    You guys clearly missed the "Uncle Sam Yourself" Feature. Its where you can upload a picture of your face and superimpose it on this Uncle Sam poster.


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