Why donate to TMB?

TMB is not a money-making enterprise. All of our moderators and administrators are here as volunteers. We rely solely on donations from our dedicated users to survive. TMB gets hundreds of thousands of visitors and millions of pageviews every month, which keeps our operating costs high, even with an all-volunteer staff. Your donation will go straight to our online account which is only used to pay bills and reinvest into the site's development. We will never use your donation for anything other than TMB.

Do I get anything for donating?

All features of TMB are open to all users for free. We do not require that you donate or pay monthly to use our site, and we never will. However, all donors will receive access to our donor board. This board contains exclusive information on site developments and is an open forum for donors to make suggestions on how we can make the site better. In other words, as a donor, you will get a say in how we develop the site. All of our donors are also listed on this page so they can be recognized for contributing to the site.

How do I donate?

We accept donations through PayPal, which you can access by clicking on the button to the right. You can use a major credit card or your checking account to send money through PayPal. If there are any errors with your donation or access to the donor board, please send a PM to one of the mods. Thanks for considering a donation to TMB!

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